I know its just a number

  1. w4-1.jpg
    but I must feel a bit like Chuck Yeager did when he broke the sound barrier :cool:
    been decades since I've been under 200 pounds and to do it while under the stress of interviewing and now all the shit that goes with getting a work visa to china?
    remarkable I'd say, what's so different from all the times before is knowing myself so well, the part of me that wants to overeat, spend money on shit I don't need, argue with my asshole relatives, drink or whatever, he's just not as smart as I am, he's been put in his place, he did real bad job while he was in charge and I think maybe he's tired of it anyhoo...


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  1. Try Anything Twice
    Congratulations once again. I’m discovering all sorts of your achievements today! :)
  2. celibate
    under the 200, congrats Robby...I'm 189 LB and 6.1,a matter of time and you pass me by
  3. Oh my god. it's Robby!
    yeah, I used to different scales and actually took the higher number, couldn't believe my eyes :cool:
  4. Light Housework
    Congratulations Robby! Now you've got me wondering how much I weigh. It's been years since I've been weighed.