"I am sick to death of cleverness"

By My Only Weakness · Dec 17, 2014 · ·
  1. I am increasingly struck mute with the degree of absurdity that modern life has achieved.
    Political correctness, in all of it's ridiculous forms, is the ultimate fascism.
    It's impact on society as a whole is going to prove to be far more detrimental than any of the things
    it was introduced to counter-balance.
    Britain is possibly the world leader in political correctness fascism.
    I can't help thinking of all those men and women who gave their lives so that Fascism would not govern this land.
    I think things like freedom of speech, thought, and life-style are for everyone.
    Not just for the "acceptable" people who are saying things we don't mind hearing, but, equally, for those who are saying highly offensive things.
    Freedom is not an easy thing to have and to hold.
    It is, first, not easily achieved.
    Second, when you think you have it, the truth is, that you have merely traded one set of restrictions for another set of restrictions. Freedom, in it's purest form, has become like Communism. Looks great on paper, just can't get it to work in a practical model.
    And finally, freedom is now inextricably intertwined with money.
    Those with the MOST money are therefore MOST free.

    I fundamentally agree that bullying, hate-speech towards anyone/from anyone is not nice and has no place in polite society. I would go the further step to say, therefore, that a person's lack of political correctness should be treated as sensitively as one would any disability of another human being and not be used to make them to feel uncomfortable in any way.
    But that isn't how it works.
    I would also say the best philosophical argument for the ethical treatment of animals is an ethical treatment of all living things. Either your respect is for life and the living, or you're just channeling your violence in an "alternative" direction.
    The same things hold true with race, gender, religion. Reversing the polarity of discrimination does not serve to reverse inequality. It's merely discriminating against the former "perceived" discriminators.
    Still wrong.
    You know, I honestly believed, as a child, that the feminist war was already won by our Mothers and
    that I would surely never encounter gender based discrimination in my life.
    I have been repeatedly disappointed.
    I have to admit, that the dialogue still needs to be open, is, in itself, offensive.
    Why is society moving backwards?
    It is astounding to me that when we look at things through the lens of archeology, we estimate that aspects of culture present in one era would be held on to for at least the length of a living being's memory and not be lost over short durations.
    But, when the Romans left Britain, houses went from the Romanesque villa to round houses.
    From advanced and comfortable to primitive and inhospitable.
    And I can see a trend of backwards trekking in human relationships in a time when we are more connected than ever before.
    Maybe that's the source of our despair.
    Maybe we aren't meant to take a global opinion poll of our own exterior surface's value every fifteen minutes. Maybe all this being in touch is over stimulating us.


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  1. My Only Weakness
    Yeah, the Chinese are also having a good long go at demonstrating how Communism doesn't work in practice.
    The just have tyranny and they're pretending to be Communist.
    There are few governments who actually function as the type of government they profess to be.
    Coming from the US, I was shocked to get to the UK and find there are thoughts, if spoken, that can get you thrown in prison!
    It all furthers my conclusion that world has gone sideways.
    Utterly nuts.
  2. My Only Weakness
    Thank you so much!
  3. No1uno
    Quickly, I'd to hone in on two aspects.

    I had a lot less options when I had a lot less money. I don't how to shorten the divide.

    Standing in tianmen square on a local (mandarin speaking tour) and the guide reminds the Chinese on board, watch what you say here, there are secret police around. That don't happen in the USA.
  4. realitybites
    Really great post. Love this: "I think things like freedom of speech, thought, and life-style are for everyone.
    Not just for the "acceptable" people who are saying things we don't mind hearing, but, equally, for those who are saying highly offensive things. "