I am Becoming Vain!

By realitybites · Sep 30, 2016 · ·
  1. Improving my smile has changed my life; I am now happy to smile for a camera rather than running from it.

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  1. My Only Weakness
    haha, I've seen the video of you on youtube!!
    i would have to say your vanity has been restored!!!
    gorgeous toofies!!
    my family used to say the best way to torture me and my Mee-Maw was to take all the mirrors out of the house!
    i guess we had a penchant for self-gazing!
    so pleased to see you happy!
    my teeth got seriously compromised from the bile eruptions when my gall bladder was diseased.
    they had been so perfectly straight and white all my life, so the blow was devastating to my self-image.
    when you go for a long time without smiling, it actually affects your mentality.
    i've read that if you can manage to just smile, your brain reads the expression on the face as
    true happiness and will dump the associated chemicals and then you'll feel happy.
    interesting trick.
    in photos, if i'm feeling even remotely self-aware, it's written ALL OVER my face.
    when i got my grill repaired years ago, it made such a massive difference in how i felt
    and subsequently, i manage to not look so painfully conscious of myself these days!
    keep on grinnin' gal!!
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  2. scumbag
    looking sharp!

    i had a deep dental cleaning recently. it was great! my mouth feels so much cleaner!

    i hope that you're done healing by now and back to the nightclubs and bars and such ;)
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  3. wouldupassbye
    Would you be willing to share the details of your smile makeover? I one day would like to feel the same way.