"Hire Morrissey for your private event"... Really?

By herewiththecause · Apr 8, 2011 · ·
  1. Purely hypothetically, of course.

    Booking Entertainment, whose website has Morrissey listed as a client, seems to indicate that you can hire him for private events. So, this has me thinking, if enough tickets could be sold, a venue hired, and insurance was actually affordable for the occasion, a group of fans could conceivably orchestrate their own private show. Surely, this has been done. I think it would be tremendously cool to be able to pull off such a thing. And why not, I mean, all those things in place, why couldn't this be done?

    The city would have to be Manchester, so, the next question is, would you attend a purely fan organised gig, if the tickets were reasonable? I have no earthly idea what he would cost, nor have I any small clue what it might cost to hire and insure a venue. But I would definitely start posing the questions to the appropriate people if there is enough interest to justify doing so.
    I suspect this is terribly impractical. But, there's always the remote possibility that he would actually be keen to turn up to this kind of thing. I don't know if this has been done, I'm not claiming to have an original idea here. It just struck me as something that IF possible, totally needed to be done, by "someone, somewhere, oh yeah!"

    If you're reading this, would you please leave a comment as to whether or not you'd be interested?
    Would you be willing to come to Manchester for it, and what would you be willing to pay for tickets?
    And if you really feel like it, what venues in Manchester have any of you seen him play that were particularly brilliant locations, great acoustics, etc.?



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  1. herewiththecause
    He won't agree, but he won't refuse..haha (sorry, i couldn't resist that)
    You may very well be right, Joan.
    I didn't know about him not liking this site.
    But, it's just being discussed here, it is not affiliated with the site at all.
    I have no idea how he'd respond to this...
    There's the off chance he would take it as the tribute to him it would be meant to be,
    and the more likely chance, that he can't be bothered.
    But, it's not like anyone's asking him to perform for free...
    We'll just have to wait and see...
  2. JoanOfArc
    Oh my comment is back.wtf?
  3. JoanOfArc
    Well i said that its probably impossible because i dont think that Morrissey would agree.Have you thought about that?And he doesnt like Solow,have you thought about that too?What makes you think that Morrissey would agree.I dont believe that he will agree.
  4. herewiththecause
    Thanks for the support, Kenzie.
    I will take your advice and weave a thread!!
    My negativity is riddled with sarcasm, I am fairly adept at poking fun at myself, so it was more light hearted
    than it may have come across.
    Thanks for the comment!
  5. herewiththecause
    Oh well...the absolute FLOOD of comments on this really says it all, doesn't it?!?
    except for me, (who's dumb enough to even contemplate PLANNING ONE)
    and Joan of Arc, (who doesn't even believe it possible)
    I thought it would be an interesting tribute to the man, at least worth attempting, but it's good to know
    only one person in 50 thinks so as well.
    I will have to "shelve (my silly) plans, and understand, that life is hard enough..."
    I don't belong here..........
  6. JoanOfArc
    I love this idea!!!It would be a dream come true!(although its probably impossible).