Have Passport Will Travel

By realitybites · Oct 21, 2015 · ·
  1. I love my job but I took today off because it is my birthday and I want to treat myself to a nice present. I have an appointment at 1:00 PM to have my passport renewed. Got my photos yesterday so I am good to go. My tentative plan is to go to England this coming August. I'd like to visit Cornwall, the Cotswolds, London, Manchester and York. If time permits, I would also love to go to Paris and Barcelona. Dream a little dream with me.

    *Update 11/7/15: Passport came in the mail yesterday. Boy was that quick. Yippee!!!


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  1. realitybites
    Nothing wrong with ripping apart an irrational belief system, imo. :p
  2. No1uno
    No, not the film, solo. It gives me a daily head shaking and chuckle indeed. But I think I understand both sides, I'm on one but I don't want to make anyone sad, and just rip their whole belief system away from them.
  3. realitybites
    Yes, the planning will be half the journey. Do you mean the film, Trainwreck? That was what I was referring to. Watched half of it. Pretty hilarious so far.
  4. No1uno
    It is great to plan travels, looking through the website, itinerary slots filling up from the dream in your head, to be played out in the future. I am planning again now too, it is always the great pre-adventure process, because it's all by you.

    The train wreck, huh, I don't know if I'm fascinated by it or repulsed anymore. It just is, isn't it.
  5. realitybites
    Thank you. :) Got my haircut too. Now it is time to chill and watch Trainwreck.
  6. scumbag
    Good for you! Happy b-day!