Happy Birthday British Baby!

By My Only Weakness · Mar 25, 2015 · ·
  1. Tommy turned 6 on Monday, and we were looking through the expansive collection of his pictures and videos and I found this. He was about to turn two in this, and had just started climbing out of his play yard. He would wait til we left the room and then climb out. I thought I was losing it at first! I'd come in and find him out and I would think, "I put him in there, I know I did!" So, we set up a camera and this was what we got.
    Clever little thing would poise himself ready to do it, and you can hear when the door closes, he's off!
    Just thought it was funny and decided to share.


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  1. hand in glove
    oh, that's sweet! Give him smiles and hugs from me!
  2. My Only Weakness
    Thank you so much! He is right next to me telling to send smiles and laughing face, so....:):):lbf::D
    He said, "I'm famous on Morrissey?!" I said, "yeah, Tom, you're famous on Morrissey, 42 people have viewed you."
    "BRILLIANT!" (he's easily pleased.)
  3. hand in glove
    He's adorable, Charlie.