Give Me a Break

I need a break. Wow, has it been a taxing and intense last six weeks. My training ended last Friday. I have been set free to sink or swim. Yesterday was Crazy with a capital C. Five appointments! Fortunately all were pleasant and patient—while I got my footing. Everyone has been telling me it takes years to learn this job and they still don't know everything. I think that is reassuring. I still haven't decided.

I will still be traveling to Flagstaff on Thursdays to meet with clients there. But after Friday's staff meeting I will no longer be traveling to Prescott Valley—except for the monthly meetings.

I can't wait until this upcoming three day weekend. I'm driving down to Phoenix Saturday and will stay until Monday afternoon. Can't wait to see my son and his girlfriend Hannah. They just got a place together last month—a two bedroom. So I will be able to crash at their place. David hinted that they have a surprise planned for me. Sunday I am going to test drive a MINI Cooper. Haven't decided which model yet.

I'll be back in Phoenix for the July 4th weekend. My parents are flying out for five days. They reserved a gorgeous two bedroom suite for the three of us—plus Katie. We're going to swim and eat and play cards and just do what loving families do when they spend quality time together. Can't wait until my parents meet Hannah. They are going to love her as much as I do.


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