Forever a Fan

By realitybites · Oct 29, 2012 ·
  1. Here are a few more older blog posts... these ones center around fandom...

    Ah the lists... everyone makes them...

    This one is from June 1, 2005...


    Well I Wonder and Jack the Ripper still top my lists today.

    Here is one from June 10, 2007 ~ Experiencing Moz live...


    David is my son. It was his first concert. He had a blast and knew the lyrics to a great number of the songs.

    This one is from July 25, 2005 ~ Solo...


    Thought I'd share this. Chins up folks. There is good to be found. You just have to be willing to see it.

    From September 16, 2005 ~ A silly letter to Morrissey... never to be read by him. The third person mentioned is/was my fiancé--now ex-husband.


    I still Love Morrissey and Eddie Vedder, and care deeply for the well being of my ex.

    From April 5, 2005 ~ How I became a Morrissey fan...


    This blog post reads like some kind of defensive explanation or justification. I think it was. At the time, I was surrounded by die-hard fans. To them I looked like a poseur or a lightweight. I probably still do. But guess what? Today, I don't care. I really don't.

    Another one about Solo from April 28, 2006...


    And that is how/when I became realitybites on the forums.


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