Food Swap

By realitybites · Feb 7, 2015 · ·
  1. I'm craving cabbage. It has been three days since my last fix. What a strange thing to be addicted to, right? At least it is healthy. So anyhow, I'm sitting here wishing I had a big head to fry up for lunch. I could go to the market and buy one. Too bad I just couldn't trade a can of pinto beans or other pantry item I don't really want or need for it.

    This gave me an idea. Would there be a community interest in a food/service swap of sorts in my area? No money would be exchanged. Food for food. Or food for service. Or service for service. As in I'll trade you this small food box for a haircut on the spot. Or I'll help you move if you teach me how to use Excel. Or I'll give you three cans of tuna for that watermelon. I wonder what the laws are regarding such an operation? If all food is factory-packaged and sealed--except for fresh produce--it seems like a food vending license wouldn't be necessary. A clothing exchange could also be introduced down the road. Doesn't this sound fun? I'm going to investigate.


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  1. realitybites
    That is an interesting blend. Both cultures love pickled cabbage. :p I would love to come for lunch. :)
  2. scumbag
    I'm precisely fifty percent Korean and fifty percent German. Which means while half of me wants to design cell phones, the other half wants to invade Poland.

    I don't eat meat, so I tend to stay away from Korean food AND German food. If you're in my neighborhood I'll convince my mom to make you some Authentic Korean Food.

  3. realitybites
    Are you part Korean? Cool! I love Asian food. Could live on it. Heck, I pretty much do.
  4. scumbag
    i'm picturing you shaking and quaking and scratching, aching for your kimchi fix. maybe that's just the korean half of me.....

    bartering is great! i wish i could do it more often.....

    scummy, sj