Fast Food Thursdays

By realitybites · May 19, 2016 · ·
  1. Update made on June 24 at bottom of post...

    I work in Flagstaff on Thursdays. It is about an hour's drive from home. Fortunately I get paid to drive and a nice gas reimbursement. I also get a meal reimbursement—up to $14.00 for lunch. Since I never eat lunch, I use it to purchase an early dinner instead—before I head home. I could do the sit-down thing, but frankly, I just want to get back to the Verde Valley ASAP. So I have been indulging in—or rather, slumming it—on fast food.

    I pretty much eat healthy foods all week. I don't drink alcohol—except when I get with my son every few months. I never eat cake or pie or drink soda. And until just recently, I never ate fast food—ever. Seriously, before the last two months, I had never eaten at Wendy's or Sonic. Still haven't eaten at Taco Hell, Carl's JR, Jack in the Box, or Five Guys... and many more places. And the most I ever tried had been a Whopper at B.K. and a triple cheeseburger (orgasmic) at McDonald's. I was a fast food teetotaler of sorts by modern western standards. That all has changed.

    I don't plan on adopting a fast food diet on a regular basis, mind you. But I do plan to experiment with the wide variety of offerings out there—particularly on Thursdays.

    I plan to rate what I try on taste and value.

    Let's start here:

    When McDonald's was running a special on triple cheeseburgers, I splurged—thrice. For $.99, I got a triple greasefest of meaty, cheesy, picklely, ketchupness—I added three ketchup packets to each of the burgers.
    Boy were they yummy. Taste: 10/10. Value: 10/10.

    McDonald's French Fries, med, regular menu price. Value: 3/10. Taste when piping hot: 8/10. When room temperature? Inedible.

    McDonald's Big Mac, regular menu price. Not very good. Bland. Not a fan of the special sauce. Needed to add four ketchup packets to make it palatable. Value: 1/10. Taste: 1/10.

    Pizza Hut Pan Pizza, 5 toppings: anchovies, sausage, mushrooms, black olives and green pepper. With coupon, pizza was $8.99. Taste: 10+/10 when fresh from the oven. Value: 9/10 with coupon.

    Wendy's small Frosty,
    chocolate, vanilla, regular menu price $.99. Taste: 8/10. Value: 10/10. This is one of my fave fast food finds so far. Love the ease and portability of it for my drive home. Refreshing and filling. A little on the sweet side. Chocolate variety could be more choclately. But a great deal for the price.

    To be continued...

    Update June 24...

    I believe my fast food Thursdays has run its course. Yesterday I had a cheeseburger from Wendy's. It was cold, the bun was dry, and it was tasteless. After dining on top notch food a few weeks ago in Phoenix, I have come to the conclusion that fast food is called junk food for a reason. This experiment is officially on hiatus.


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  1. No1uno
    Good to see you still around scumbag. Hope all has been well.
  2. realitybites
    Next pic posted will be a toothy smile. Can't wait. :)
  3. scumbag
    in my experience, all porsches are quite small. when i was 16, i had to do yoga to get into a friend's vintage 944. then i had to be unfolded by specialists to be removed.

    yes, i wanna see your new teef. i'm sure they'll be SWELL. ha ha ha
      realitybites likes this.
  4. realitybites
    Very expensive. I will have a small Porsche in my mouth. I will be sure to share the results with pics as soon as the swelling subsides.
  5. scumbag
    oh no :((((

    i hope it goes well as that sort of thing can. i'm in need of some deep cleaning, which can easily cost a lot as well. my mom has a mouth full of porcelain and my dad has had MANY dental surgeries. i'm surprised my mouth isn't a total horrorshow.

    maybe i'll just start a fight at a biker bar and get my whole set re-done? thoughts?
  6. realitybites
    You are not too far off. I may be liquefying them at the end of this month as I am having major dental surgery and will be on a soft foods diet for ten days.
  7. scumbag
    yah, those look deceptively healthy. pretty soon you'll start liquifying those veggie straws in a blender so that you can put the juice into a syringe and then mainline that caloric badness. it's all downhill from here. it was nice knowing you.
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  8. realitybites
  9. scumbag
    glad that you stopped! i feared for your arteries. we might have had to stage a moz solo intervention and get you to a fast food 12 step program where you would only drink kale smoothies!
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  10. Rachel Dow
    Nice one.. Recently I have switched to a diet plan see this which is little bit though but interesting. Only on Sunday I am eating fast food. This blog will help me choosing the best fast food.
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