Everyday Choices

By realitybites · Apr 4, 2014 · ·
  1. Today is the tenth day in a row that I will have worked. Haven't had a day off since two Tuesdays ago. And will work through the weekend as well. I could have taken off yesterday. But I chose to work instead. I am enjoying staying busy. It keeps me out of trouble. Sort of. Well, I do have far less time to chat or fight online. Of course, I have still managed to find time to do a little of both of those things. But the busier I stay IRL, the less cyber life matters. Plus there are some obvious bonuses to working a lot. Money. Exercise—staying active rather that sitting in front of my computer. My job is very physical. Movement non-stop. I wouldn't have it any other way. I can't stand sitting still at work. I need to keep very busy. And not just mentally stimulated but physically as well. Some people need to go to the gym after work to get exercise. Not me. I get plenty of it throughout the day.

    Plenty of Fish has become boring, redundant already. Though admittedly I have not exactly been searching. I have been passive—letting them come to me. And I seem to be attracting a very distinct type. Maybe it is the type that most women attract. Because maybe there aren't too many types on POF. I just know that there is no way I would go on a date with ANY of the men I have chatted with. Well, maybe poetry man. But he lives pretty far away. It would be nice to meet someone who lives less than ten miles away. Maybe I will meet someone. But not through a dating site. I think I am going to just keep my eyes open. Maybe get involved in some activities. I could join the community rec center. Though, nothing turns me off more than a guy who works out a lot. I hate vain men. I'd like my man to be fit because he is active and doesn't over-consume. Not because he lifts weights in front of a mirror five days a week. So anyhow, I am choosing to layoff the dating sites for a while. Or at least the chatting part of the sites. I did discover the forums on POF last night. What a hoot. There is a section where people ask for profile reviews. I found it fascinating. Not only the profiles themselves but the comments. The whole back and forth is a sociological goldmine.

    Solo. Oh, I have been bad, again. After the whole Croce fiasco, I chose to stop taking the high road. When getting shot with arrows, one can run, duck, or grab the arrows with two fists and throw them back in the direction where they came from. I have chosen to throw them back. I have to admit there is some twisted fun in sparring. I'd be lying if I said I do not enjoy it to a degree. But, I think as my real life gets more complicated and filled with work and relationships, that Solo and all its characters will seem like just that, a cast of characters—interchangeable, replaceable, and forgettable. No one really seems to take it seriously (so they claim). So Neither shall I. That is the plan, anyhow. And we know that can go either way. Time will tell.


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  1. realitybites
    Well, last night I DID get a message from an artist who lives nearby. I am going to write him back in a bit. He is much older than me. So I am not too sure about that. I have never dated a guy over 38. :p