Cultural Consumptions

By realitybites · Oct 9, 2012 ·
  1. These are the latest and greatest kibbles and bits that I am devouring at the moment...

    The Big Bang Theory

    I just started watching this hilarious television show. Right now I am a third of the way through season two. Yes, I have indulged in another series binge watch. Towards the end of season one, I began to wonder if this show could continue to be interesting. Sheldon's character seemed to have the potential of becoming redundant. But I took a day off from watching. And my interest has been renewed. This is a really clever, intelligent show. The characters are endearing and the writing is top notch. I'm sticking with it. Season six has just begun. I hope to get caught up to this moving train asap.

    Fifty Shades of Grey - The Film

    The screenwriter for the upcoming film has been announced. And casting suggestions are still pouring in--something that surely will continue until the official cast is announced. I stumbled upon this article today. I think it does a thorough job of breaking down the picks and highlighting the pros and cons for each. Remember my casting picks?

    How Music Works by David Byrne

    I just started reading this eBook. I am a fan of The Talking Heads. But one need not be to enjoy Byrne's mostly non-autobiographical tour of the world of music. Byrne meticulously pulls back the curtain for us non-musicians and gives us an insider's look into the underpinnings of the music world. So far, I have learned a great deal about how the environment shapes the type of music that is created. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this book.

    Morrisey-Solo Forums

    Entertainment at its finest? Perhaps not, but it's stimulating enough to keep me coming back. I like the people who post here. They are a diverse group. This diversity is what makes it an interesting place to visit and interact. I like that there are sensitive, Moz-obsessed vegans as well as extroverted, witty intellectuals. There's room for everyone.


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