1. Olympics Closing Ceremony ~ A Screenshot Memoir of WTF? Moments

    After my seriously brain-draining last blog post about consciousness and other metaphysical stuff, I aim to keep this post light and ridiculously irrelevant. So, the London 2012 Olympics have come to a close. I can't provide much commentary on the games themselves as I only tuned into the men's and women's artistic gymnastics competitions. But as you may recall, I live-blogged the opening ceremony. For the closing ceremony, I have decided to post screen captures of my favorite visuals as...
  2. Intense

    If I had to choose one word to describe Eddie Vedder that captures his spirit during the early days of Pearl Jam, circa 1991-1994, I would pick Intense. I hope that this intensity is captured in my latest painting of him.
  3. Album Cover Art

    Album Covers ~ My Paintings Inspired by Photos Entire Set Jimi Hendrix ~ Experience Hendrix The Eagles ~ Hotel California Bob Marley ~ Legend Blind Melon New Order ~ Power, Corruption and Lies The Doors The Cure ~ Standing on a Beach, The Singles U2 ~ War Eddie Vedder ~ Ukulele Songs Jim Morrison ~ The Best of The Doors
  4. David Garrett

    My New Passion [MEDIA=youtube]bZ_BoOlAXyk[/MEDIA]