Life, Family

  1. Mom Gone Wild

    Phoenix was a trip—back—to my twenty-one-year-old self. Sunday, early evening, David, his girlfriend Hannah, and I are having drinks and starters at Chili's. I had won a gift card and thought I'd take us all out. A beer in, David asks, " Would you be down for a party? It's Gustavo's birthday and the guys (skater pals) are having a party for him." I could just picture it: anti-social stonerheads sitting around playing video games on a large screen TV. Not my idea of a fun night out. David...

    Just took this--my first selfie from my office.
  3. Twelve Days Later

    Back to work. Healing very well. Smiling big!
  4. Another Bucket List Box Checked!

    My bucket list is short. One of the things is to become a grandma. Wish fulfilled. My first grandson will be born early February.
  5. Too Cute to Not Share

    My grandson Liam at 4 months with his mom.
  6. The List

    There is a waiting list to get an apartment in my community and that list just got shorter by one.