Life, Family

  1. My Little Boo

    Meet Liam. Born 2/8/18. He is amazing. So happy to be a grandma. Liam 0n 2/24/18. Photo taken by his aunt in Phoenix.
  2. Overestimator

    I am an overestimator of people. Time and time again I give them far too much credit and place way too much confidence in their integrity, honesty, intelligence and talent. I suppose because I see the glass half-full that I am susceptible to this chronic overestimation. Not only do I give people the benefit of the doubt, I actually esteem them higher than they deserve. It’s like I'm on a Kool-Aid diet when I first meet people; but then I get to know them for who they truly are and my sugary...
  3. How to Make Enemies and Distance People

    The title of my new book... How to Make Enemies and Distance People ~ Simply by Being Yourself ~ Well, it should be anyhow. Because I do believe I am an expert on the subject. Look no further than Solo for proof. My ignore list is long, my haters list is longer, and those who generally dislike me make up the longest list. I basically go about things the wrong way—that is if I am trying to win friends and influence people. I don't sugarcoat, placate, pander. Well maybe a little,...
  4. Another Bucket List Box Checked!

    My bucket list is short. One of the things is to become a grandma. Wish fulfilled. My first grandson will be born early February.
  5. When You're Older

    When you're older you are no longer a victim of your sexual hormones--a slave to your libido. When you are older you aren't expected to look sexy but rewarded highly if you do. When you are older you impress with your strength--feel no shame for being vulnerable. When you are older you have meaningful relationships that have ripened over time. When you are older you have a wealth of knowledge at your disposal--plentiful experiences and memories to comfort. When you are older you are...
  6. Too Cute to Not Share

    My grandson Liam at 4 months with his mom.
  7. The List

    There is a waiting list to get an apartment in my community and that list just got shorter by one.