Call it the Grooviest Movie of 2017

By realitybites · Dec 30, 2017 · ·
  1. ‘Lady Bird,’ ‘Call Me by Your Name,’ ‘I, Tonya’ Screener Copies Leaked to Piracy Networks.

    Three of my top fave movies of the year out of 9. That is one-third. Happy New Year!

    Call Me by Your Name is a must see. My fave movie of 2017--by a landslide. First movie that's transported me and made me feel something, anything, in a long time. Will rearrange you and change you. Your dreams will shift. You may just want to fall in love again. You will without a doubt fall in love with Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet. No matter your orientation, gender or age this movie will resonate with its timeless and universal themes of first love, passion, desire, longing and loss.

    The six (of nine) other good films I liked this year are: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Holy Hell, Brad's Status, Paris Can Wait, John Wick 2 and Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent.

    Still plan to see: The Trip to Spain, The Disaster Artist, The Florida Project, The Shape of Water and Downsizing.
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  1. realitybites
    Brilliant performance by Oldman. The way he uses his eyes to express emotion is genius.
  2. realitybites
    Got it. Thanks! Will watch tonight.
  3. gordyboy9
    darkest hour screeners been released.
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  4. realitybites
    Glad you liked those films as well. Robbie was amazing. Apparently she did a lot of the skating after months of training. Amazing how she transformed from Barbie princess to white trash (not PC, I know). I'm still waiting to get a good file of Darkest Hour. I was blown away at Angelina Jolie's' beauty. She really looked like a goddess at the Golden Globes. It's easy to dismiss her because of all the family drama. But I am still a fan.
  5. gordyboy9
    yip very good.watched three billboards yesterday and enjoyed it,watched I tonya,very good,would love to know how they did the skating because it actually looks like margot robbie,you can hardly see the join.good to see gary oldman pick up best actor at the golden globes,well deserved.
  6. realitybites
    Just watched Get Out. Definitely one of the best films made in 2017. Very clever concept.
  7. realitybites
    Agree about The Trip to Spain. The previous films in this series had the same jokes. Nothing really original in this last one. A little cliffhanger there. Another must be in the works.

    I really didn't grasp the tragedy of FP until later. Take out the prostitution and it wasn't much different from my carefree childhood. Though she was obviously negligent, the mother was a better mom in many regards than the fearful helicopter moms that don't allow for any freedom to explore, learn and test their abilities. Mastery and failure builds confidence and character development. This movie dealt with one extreme type of parenting. The other type is all too common today in our fearful, overprotective, paranoid society. Balance--a happy medium--would be ideal.
  8. gordyboy9
    Living in Scotland iv seen everything steve coogan has ever done,the trip to spain is decent but I felt I had seen it all before.
    The florida project looks good,when the wee girl says MOMMY YOUR A DISGRACE,so funny.
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  9. realitybites
    I've been wanting to see Darkest Hour. Looking forward to watching the Golden Globes on Sunday.
  10. gordyboy9
    Yip baby driver is fantastically creative,edgar wright is such a fun director.
    Darkest hour is also an amazing film,gary oldman is unrecognisable as Winston Churchill.could be an Oscar winning performance.