Brutally Honest

By realitybites · Sep 2, 2014 · ·
  1. Bad personality traits/characteristics: stupidity, ineptness, laziness, incompetence, unresourcefulness. Which traits stand out in this exchange between myself and a PoF guy?

    So, a few days ago, I receive this message from a guy who lives a few hours south of me—outside of Phoenix:

    Hi where is Sedona az

    I don't reply because he has exhibited these traits: ineptness, incompetence, laziness, and unresourcefulness.

    Today, I get another message from him:

    You don't like me none??

    My reply this afternoon:

    I like resourceful people who know how to use Google maps. ;)

    So I figured he would take offense to my sardonic comment and block me. Or, at the very least, I'd never hear from him again. But no. Oh no, it went right over his head.

    He responds:

    Not sure how that reflects me

    Wow. Just wow. Stupid is an understatement.

    Folks, it only takes one or two messages to screen out the undesirables. If you are going to do online dating, you have to be efficient. Time is a valuable resource. No sense wasting his or yours.

    And no, I will not be continuing with that conversation.

    I'm holding out for exceptional. Good enough won't do.



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  1. realitybites
    I hear ya. OKCupid is worse with the old folks messaging us spring chickens, haha. There is no age restrictions. But even worse for me when I was using that site was at least a third of the messages were coming from NAU students my son's age--apparently searching for a MILF. Creepy. I have gone out on dates with men from PoF. But nobody has been special. I think it is good for hookups or for people who are really lonely and want companionship and are not very selective. Those with discerning tastes have a greater challenge.
  2. scumbag
    Oh dear oh dear the adventures! Tucson isn't that much better than Sedona, apparently, for men. I get a lot of guys my dad's age messaging me on POF and the gay phone apps Grindr and Scruff. That or equally mindless guys nearer to my age. Time to declare celibacy and isolate from my species......
  3. realitybites
    I learned not to text, post, or blog when under the influence. Last time I did that I found myself deleting some very bad poetry off my blog the next morning and trying to explain some obnoxious texts. I won't drink alone for that very reason. Alcohol makes me very social. So if I am not in the company of others, I will feel compelled to reach out through technological means--to connect with others. And being artificially uninhibited I run the risk of expressing myself in ways I will later come to regret when sober.
  4. Oh my god. it's Robby!
    mmm, I still do send people messages when :squiffy: but of a romantic nature?
    no, not really, at least not intentionally :eek:
  5. realitybites
    Hmm, I didn't even think that he could be wasted. Did you use to drunk message?
  6. Oh my god. it's Robby!
    this is just a guess, cuz I've never used such sites, but I imagine some dude really wasted out of his mind before sending out such messages :straightface:
    does it change their stupid factor?
    no, not really, but might paint a better picture of whats going on in with these dudes :thumb:
  7. realitybites
    Trucker beards. Yuck. I hate facial hair--on anyone. I think I will tell them I am from Los Angeles, Ukraine. Good idea. I had one guy ask me what nationality I was. This was after I told him I was born and raised in Ohio. :rolleyes:
  8. Violeta
    I call the typical South Carolina guy Polo Zombies. The frat guys who have the khaki shorts and neon Polo shirt uniform who go around like cavemen. It's very annoying. I don't even know if they actually choose these clothes/attitudes or if they are really just projections of future GMOs. It's either that or the scruffy indie kids with the Waffle House chic trucker beards (which I find disgusting), or redneck guys in Nascar shirts. Haha! Kind of like that movie Ghost World. Next time you get a question like that, tell them you live in Los Angeles, Ukraine.
  9. realitybites
    LOL. He does sound like a robot. But he has a real profile and pics. The caliber of men around here is dismal. Take the redneck archetype and add a pot belly and a motorcycle. That is your typical northern Arizona guy.
  10. Violeta
    It sounds like auto-reply by a robot! I get those on facebook.