Bradley Steyn vs. Steven Patrick Morrissey

By realitybites · Aug 4, 2014 ·
  1. This is what I think happened.

    Moz hires Steyn to be his bodyguard or security staff member. Moz requests that David Tseng be removed from the queue line at the Santa Ana gig as he has imposed a lifelong ban on David attending his concerts. In his classic hyperbolic style, Morrissey and/or the tour manger, adds/asks Steyn, either while alone or in the presence of other security team members, if David "could get hurt" and "could be gotten rid of." Then they discussed how to get his home address. I think these things may have been stated. But I don't think they were meant to be taken seriously. Was Steyn lost to the humor—not aware that this type of melodramatic trash talk is par for the course in the world of Morrissey?

    Steyn is fired soon after. He attributes his termination to David Tseng NOT being bruised and battered at his hands. He contacts the LAPD. They say he doesn't have a case. But a report is filed for the record. He contacts a lawyer and proceeds to file a wrongful termination suit. TMZ gets wind of it. That brings us to the present.

    What I see happening next is the case will find its way to the courtroom. Witnesses will be called. A jury will decide if Steyn was wrongfully terminated. If the witnesses are deemed credible and it can be shown that Morrissey and his management team did ask Steyn to rough up David and that his refusal most probably led to him being terminated, then Steyn will win the case and damages will be awarded by the court. Also criminal charges could be filed next. But if Steyn loses the civil suit, Moz could turn around and counter-sue—file a defamation of character suit. This could potentially go on for years. How long will we keep talking about it on Solo?

    So why did Morrissey post Steyn's real name and alias on TTY yesterday? Because Morrissey has poor judgment and the impulse control of a three year old. He feels embarrassed and angry and wants revenge. I don't think he fears criminal prosecution. He thinks HE has been wronged. He may have joked about David being hurt. But, according to him, it should/would have been clearly understood by anyone with have a brain that he was not seriously wishing bodily harm to come to David. And this lack of intellect is precisely why Steyn was let go. Not because he refused to act as a henchman.


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