Blogging Moz Live(ish)

By realitybites · Nov 16, 2017 · ·
  1. Tonight's the night baby! Me. Mom. Moz. Marquee. Leaving work at 3:30 PM. Will check into hotel in Tempe, go out for some drinks and tapas, then head to the venue. Don't need to be the first folks there. Not sure what kind of pics I'll get. Nothing worth posting on the tour thread, I'm sure. But I'll share what I get here.

    Soon Mom will find out what all the fuss is about.

    BTW, it's 86 F in Phoenix. I bet Moz is loving it!
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  1. realitybites
    Moz mas magical. I truly fell in love again. Venue was intimate and sound was great--as you know. I felt like I was a stone-throw away from Moz. No pics worth posting. I was focused on experiencing the concert, not photographing it. Best to leave that to the pic enthusiasts in the crowd. Glad they shared them and the videos on the tour thread.

    Lots of singing and dancing to both Moz and Smiths tunes. Very mixed-age crowd--college students on up to folks in their seventies--including my mom. She had a great time. Was impressed with his voice and the energy of the audience.

    Set-list was perfect. Played some of my fave tracks. New songs were great. So glad he came to Arizona.

    If he comes here again we must go together.

    Headed back to Phoenix in the morning for my son's/fiancé's baby shower.

    Too much fun makes Jehne a happy girl.
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  2. scumbag
    How was it?
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