Blog Entries from MozRecording

  1. Finally

    I'm finally finished. I decided, something like two years ago, to listen to and rank the sound quality of all the Smiths and Morrissey bootlegs I have. It's something like 500-600 shows. I don't think I realized the time investment that would be. I've filled up my 160gb iPod, twice, going through all these shows. And today I've finished. I can finally listen to all the other music that's piled up in those two years. My car will have a playlist other than Morrissey. Whew.
  2. Ugh

    Changing all the concert downloads from one host to another. I have to redo all the links. What a pain. Still needs to be done.
  3. Here we go again!

    Two more days. Recording gear all ready. Without a job or money I could only get a general seating ticket this time. Wonder how the recording turns out. Hopefully not too bad.
  4. Morrissey, Finally

    Wow, this snuck up on me. After months of postponements, cancelations and rescheduling, I just realized I get to see a show on Monday and anther Saturday. Can't wait! I'll try and record them and hope they come out better than some of my other attempts.
  5. Meds

    Been trying to get off this anti-anxiety drug Paxil. Holy fuck does its withdrawal mess up your head. It's like "oh, so you're anxious about everything for no reason, well here's weird electrical sounds in your head. anxious now? ok, how about everything pisses you off instantly now? come on baby, just take some more of me and everything will be fine". Fuck that. Something about the cure, the disease and worse.
  6. Back In The Saddle

    Fixed computer came back today. And I have to recreate everything I had. I've gotten used to this from work. Still, painful. I've also got a new dog. Rescued from the Humane Society. Wonderful little 3.5 year old terrier. Great guy. We go everywhere together. To the pub, dog park, walks, stores, everything. He was an outdoor dog but indoors now. No problems what so ever. His name was Happy, which we liked and kept. Now everyone says "oh my <such and such> had a dog named...
  7. Info

    Ah information. Easy come, easy go. Ever since I got my 15" MBP with an ssd in it, I've had issues with corrupted files. I assumed it was torrent software. Turns out it wasn't. My hdd shit the bed Friday. Oh joy. Cost of a new 512gb ssd on a mac, ~1200. Thank god for the first year warranty. Since I'd had so many problems I also had all my music on an external drive. Should only lose a few days to a week of downloads at most. Oh well. It happened right when the flash drive came...