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  1. Exactly 2 Weeks Until Morrissey's Concert At The Shrine

    So In Exactly 2 Weeks From Tonight, Morrissey Will Be Playing At The Shrine, I Am So Looking Forward To This Concert, I Know His Play List Should Have Some Amazing Songs On It, The Only Fucken Down Fall Is That According To The Shrine NO CAMERAS Will Be Allowed Inside (Bullshit Right) But Still Just Being Able To See Him Live Is Worth It, i Hope All You Other MOZ FANS That Are Planning On Going To Any of His Concerts Are As Excited As I Am. :guitar: Well Good Night Everyone..
  2. The Edges Are No Longer Parallel

    [MEDIA=youtube]3xGPC1v6bqc[/MEDIA] First of All This Song Has So Many Meaningful Memories For Me, This Song Reminds Me of My Very First Boyfriend "Anthony" That Couple Years Ago Committed Suicide To This Day NO ONE Knows Why He Hung Himself And I Doubt Anyone Will... The edges are no, no longer parallel The edges are no, no longer parallel And there is no law of averages here If you feel down Then you're bound to stay down All of the things you said So meaningful They are all so...
  3. Morrissey Tour 2011

    So There's Talk of Morrissey Coming On Tour In 2011, Yet There's No Date of When Tickets Actually GO On Sale And Since We Are Already In September Wouldnt You Think Tickets Be On Sale Already Anyways Hopefully A Date Is Released When Tickets Go On Sale... #Highkey Excited