An Iron Fist Inside a Velvet Glove

By realitybites · Jan 17, 2014 ·
  1. See Part II.

    Hand In Glove—Leslie—does the world revolve around you, my dear? Are all of my blog posts about you? Are ANY of them about you? Do you think you mean that much to me? You don't. And even though you seem to think I have been talking about you in my blog, I have not. All my posts, in fact, are about other people—people I DO interact with on the forums. You are invisible in the forums. You hardly post. You are a non-entity. You have no positive impact or negative one. That you believe you are affecting my thoughts and feelings, is humorous, to say the least.

    That I am having to address you here, in my blog, is absurd. You have written three blog entries in the last month which attack me. You don't allow comments in your blog. So, I must reply here, now. Yes I read your blog posts. Ignore? Are you on ignore? Where did you get that impression? Oh, I know, you assumed, erroneously, that I was referring to you. Here is where your little paranoid trip began...

    What you failed to realize is that I have been battling other, larger forces on the forums. I have several people on ignore. That is what I was talking about. Why you thought I meant you, is beyond me.

    You think I put you on ignore for not answering a PM about reporting MA? Wrong. First off, the last PM I sent you was after your mom went in for her surgery. I asked how she was. You never replied. This was long after the PM about MA.

    Regarding the PM about MA: When Misguided Angel started posting here, you informed me she had sent you some odd PMs—asking if you were Morrissey. This was back in October, I believe. Then she started sending others similar messages. And was posting strange, convoluted, and cryptic things on the forums. People were confused. She seemed like she was a troll or mentally ill. I reported—asked—David if she could be a troll. He said she did not seem to be one of the usual suspects. Then I started a thread—to let the posters know what she had been up to behind the scenes. Then it stopped. Miraculously she started posting like a normal person and has been doing so ever since. ???

    So then, a whole month later—mid November, I sent you a PM about your mother. And that was the last time I initiated contact with you. I figured you wanted nothing to do with me. I respected that. I figured you did not like the content of my posts on the forums, as you have pointed out several times.

    So anyhow, after my blog post which talked about ignoring posters, and my thoughts in general about Solo, you then wrote this...

    Then I posted this... about people on the forums. The 'personality of a potato' was in reference to Reelaround, who bitches about me, but never contributes content of her own. She has the personality of a potato, imo. You assumed again, erroneously, that I was talking about you. (My two Someecards posts were not about you at all. Though the passive aggressive one could be, if I am to be honest.) And thus wrote...

    I was a little shocked when I saw that. But what could I do? I could have said it was not about you in the comments section of your blog post. But you don't allow comments. Why is that, anyway? A control thing? Well of course it is.

    Anyhow, then, out of the blue, you wrote this two days ago. It was obvious it was about me. And you have now admitted it was.

    So, because I could not comment in your blog, and you do not respond to PMs, I could not address it through the usual channels. And I really did not want to write about it in my blog. (I don't like writing about this petty crap in it right now. I value each of my blog posts and like the way they fit together as a whole. I don't want it contaminated with ridiculous catty things.) I was left with no means of communicating with you. Or clearing up your faulty presumptions. Then I saw Misguided Angel's blog post...

    It was written right after you posted yours. Seemingly, her post was about what you wrote. It looked that way to me, anyhow. So I posted my general thoughts about what you wrote and also about what has been happening in the forums... with cryptic song posting (not by you) and general insults by certain posters and a hate thread started in my name. You see, I too have bigger fish to fry. This is what I wrote...

    This time the potato comment was about you. I knew you thought my prior post was, so I took advantage of that. Well, you assumed the whole post was about you and instead of settling it in private, you decide to write a grand diatribe against me...

    And this should bring anyone up to speed and help explain what the heck you are on about and why. And so now I am replying to your, A Reply. I was going to ignore it all. But then I thought it best to clear up the misconceptions, faulty assumptions. And I hope I have done that here. I don't wish to add fuel to your fire. Nor do I wish to insult you or assassinate your character.

    You know how I feel about the free expression of ideas. You know that davidt also feels the same. You are free to use your voice to counterbalance things out. If you don't like the content, tone, etc. of my posts, you are free to make your own arguments or to refute mine with intelligent retorts. This place allows free expression for everyone, including you.

    If you don't think Morrissey writes some lyrics and passages that can be considered misogynistic, then you don't. It is not your job or duty to control the content of these forums. People will always have opinions that you do not agree with—no matter where you go. You want to live in a bubble that is all sweet and Moz-positive? Where there is no criticism? No dissent? Where group-think rules supreme? This is not realistic or even healthy. The real world does not function this way. Why would you expect discussions on an Internet forum to?

    You clearly have some control issues. You feel powerless over what others think and write. We are ALL powerless over others. You have two choices. Accept this fact and only worry about yourself and do not read posts by those whose views differ from your own—stay inside a carefully constructed filter bubble. Or, read the posts and challenge them. Write intelligent, witty retorts.

    You could be a challenging voice. But you choose not to for various reasons i.e. lack of time, ambition, ability. All three? Probably. It is not my fault if you don't offer your opinions/views. I am passionate about ideas and enjoy sharing them with others. And I have every right to be here—as much as you do. You don't get to decide who is worthy of being here and who isn't. Or who is a 'real' fan, and who isn't.

    I'd appreciate you put me on ignore and not read my posts in the forums if they upset you. Only you can control what you read. I will continue to be myself and say what I think, regardless of your opinion of me.

    You are free to address my post in the comments section. I DO allow comments. Most blogs do. It allows for discussion—a dialogue—to take place, not just a one-way street—monologue.

    See Part II.


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