7 years & 2 weeks of music, oh and yes, I'm drunk!

  1. so yeah, this is what music I started to listening "via last fm"
    11 months after my divorce and shortly after moving to SF
    surprised to see that much Kylie and Madonna, on the other hand
    I noticed my previous adoration for for: "Tommy & Namie" endures
    even though I have not downloaded them to this comp, unlike Hikki, who I will always worship :blushing:
    not represented is "Rihanna" who I mainy watch videos for :horny:, also then there is songs
    wow, "Maps" remains the song I most play :eek:
    a reminder to DL them(YYYs) to this computer, I love that band, and so
    yep, a Russian inspired nite, so much so that later I go, soon, to see a half Russian/half Chinese goddess :love:
    still, I liked reading ReBi's last blog post


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  1. Oh my god. it's Robby!
    edit, made the first snapshot of my last fm "top 50" not something weird like 39 :cool:
  2. Oh my god. it's Robby!
    nice, nice :thumb: and there is no "l" in their name :cool:
    anyways, who are Apoptygma Berzerk?
    they are synthpop/rock band whose hey day was in circa the mid 90s to mid 2000s
    not as a big as they use to be, but they really were a good fit for many of us who loved "Industrial" & "Goth" music
    but not as much as we use to, also it did not hurt that they often give great live performances, its why I have seen them over 20 times
    which is 2nd to only one other musician, can you guess who?
  3. billybu69
    Who the fuck are apopltygma berzerk?
  4. Oh my god. it's Robby!
    yes, I love Björk, saw her perform live a couple of times, loved it :)
    have not DLed her to this comp, which is a shame because
    these songs are a must :love:

    0h and my fave Sugarcube songs are probably:
    Shoot Him, Eat the Menu & Birthday :guitar: