A couple of pictures showing tour adverts in Buenos Aires:


Nothing too exciting.

Chile advertising added too:

Here's another IG one:
UPDATE Aug. 9:

Morrissey to play on Saturday Nov. 3 according to @mozangelesevents / Instagram. An anonymous person posted the link:

(The '@' links to a new Twitter profile for the event).

From (2 day image updated):

UPDATE July 12 12:15 PT:

Posted by an anonymous person:

they amended the dates in Morrissey Central, correct post back there:

Morrissey’s show at Mexico City, November 23 (Friday) National Auditorium, has sold out. Due to overwhelming demand, a second night has been added on Thursday November 22. Tickets for November 22 will go on sale Wednesday July 18.

The first post since cancelling gigs has surfaced on Central - with an extra date to note.

Update (July 12): the post has since been removed from Central and subsequently amended.

Please note:
This information is presented as it was shown on Central.
It is, however, at odds with the preexisting tour information which has the initial date of the Mexico gig as the 23rd - so someone's cocked things up somewhere:

As I mentioned earlier today, this has now come to pass.

'Logistical issues'.

From @gigsandtours / Twitter:

NEWS// Morrissey tour statement.

Due to logistical circumstances beyond our control, the UK/European Morrissey concerts scheduled for July will be postponed.

We deeply regret any inconvenience to the fans and promise to reschedule UK and European dates as soon as possible.

All original purchasers from official ticket outlets will have the full ticket fee refunded, including booking fee, to their credit/debit cards. Refunds from ticket agents will be actioned from midday on Monday 2nd July.

The LIHS World Tour will continue, starting back up in Mexico City on November 23rd.

Watch for more dates to be added soon!

The LIHS World Tour has been Morrissey’s most successful tour to date, having achieved record business for the artist in both...


Link posted by Sarcasmos:

Morrissey en Lima: ex The Smiths ofrecerá concierto en la capital - El Comercio
El cantante británico de 59 años se presentará en el anfiteatro del parque de la exposición. En 2013 canceló dos shows en Lima por problemas de salud

Excerpt (Google Translate to English):

2018 still has pleasant surprises for Peruvian music lovers, and November is the key month. After confirming the return of Roger Waters, announces the arrival of another 'rock monster': with the promotional tour of the album "Low in High School", Morrissey will return to Lima for a show on November 27.

The i2M producer , responsible for the recent visits of the Spanish rapper Kase.O and the American singer KT Tunstall, confirmed the news. The Morrissey concert in Lima will take place at the Anfiteatro Parque de la Exposición. Tickets will go on sale on a date yet to be announced.
Information via Rosie (thank you):

No substantial links and initial information is said to be withdrawn.
So definitely a rumour (as per other latin dates)
which has spread rapidly on social media. The Ocesa gig post looked legit despite vanishing.
Anything tangible will be posted asap.

Now confirmed as a full Latin tour - 25th June.


REPORTE: Morrissey podría regresar a México en Noviembre: