The Smiths

The Smiths

Not sure if anyone else has noticed this but partially visible on the box set product overview on Amazon is the cover of the Live in Boston disc which features this photo of Jack Kerouac listening to the radio.

Nice. Now why can't Morrissey follow the same aesthetic with his own solo records?


Sadly, this has just appeared with no fanfare or (as yet) link on the Official Smiths site.
4 wonderful minutes!
Probably would have been a better idea to release this Monday instead of Take 1. It is presented as part of the box set pre-release promotion - so may appear on the 'memories' site yet.
Available on Deezer & iTunes too
(thanks to GMS, Anon & a friend for the info).
*not showing on Spotify USA*
From Autobiography:
"Of course, I have always loved the Aragon Ballroom, with its gangster slop of menaced glop. When I first played here many lifetimes ago, I sneaked a peek at the queue – confrontationally all over the street, disrupting traffic, shouting back, unctuous and effusive, and there stood an army of male blond quiffs, tattooed arms and Hatful of Hollow t-shirts. Nothing, now, could hurt...
The Smiths: 30 years since the split and still the best British band ever? - Metro
By: Alice Wright.

"If we set out criteria for what makes not just a great band, but one of the best (in my heart I know they ARE the best) then this would be the checklist:
  • Iconic songwriting partnership
  • Revolutionary and original
  • Era and generation defining
  • Legendary live shows
  • Controversial, divisive and memorable
  • Passionate fans
  • Musical longevity
  • Life changing songs
  • Something indefinable
Which probably just about sums up The Smiths.

Despite chart success and constant media attention they kept their ‘alternative’ tag – maybe because they were so very different to the glamorous, colourful mainstream 80s music happening at the time – but they were...
Calling all sycophants and arse lickers. Here's a scan of review from the current issue of Uncut (by David Cavanaugh, 8/10). Also a review in Mojo (by John Harris, 5 stars). Enjoy.

The Guardian shares an 'exclusive' Soundcloud link to Rubber Ring / What She said.

Listen to an exclusive unreleased Smiths song, recorded live in Boston - The Guardian

Live In Boston - recorded at the Great Woods Center For The Performing Arts on August 5, 1986.

"Muscular, honest, funny – The Queen is Dead has all the most endearing traits of the Smiths dialled up to the max, and is thought of by many as the band’s masterpiece album. With Bigmouth Strikes Again, There is a Light That Never Goes Out and The Boy With the Thorn in His Side, it certainly contains many of their signature songs.

It’s now getting the full dad-pleasing Christmas box set treatment: a 3xCD and DVD combo with the original album, demos and B-sides, Derek Jarman’s beautiful music video trilogy, and Live in...