The Smiths

The Smiths

Link posted by ALLIE WALLS in the original thread "Manchester Music Memories - auction includes original Smiths shirt and 1983 Morrissey letter":

Smiths items - Omega Auctions

Other items of interest not mentioned in the previous article include:


UPDATE Nov. 28:
Winning bid: £750


SMITHS EARLY PROMOTIONAL LYRIC BOOK. A rare example of a circa 1984 lyric book. Features 5 pages with printed lyrics to Hand In Glove, Handsome Devil, These Things Take Time (with handwritten amendments in pencil), What Difference Does it Make, Jeane, The Hand That Rocks The Cradle,...
A ticket for the legendary gig I left too early is among treasure trove of Manchester music memorabilia - Manchester Evening News
An astonishing collection of Manchester music memorabilia goes on sale this week - and one ticket reminds Neal Keeling of the night he walked out on Joy Division


There is also a handwritten letter from Morrissey to Liz - who designed T-shirts and artwork for The Smiths - detailing the travails of fame.

Morrissey, wrote the note in 1983, as the band began their rise and began: "Naturally I contract some unnamed fatal illness seconds after we hit the road. I don't time my diseases very well do I."

He adds, sarcastically, "I can't thank you enough for sending me the begging letters, they are getting WORSE. One began 'Dear Morrissey please write...
It's all there.

VIDEO: Johnny Marr - How He Wrote The Smiths' Debut Single - Radio X
The legendary guitarist shows Radio X how he came up with the riff to Hand In Glove.
Shoplifterromo sends the link:

Hear Johnny Marr Break Down His Career, from the Smiths to Now - Rolling Stone
Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr reflects on his whole career in the Rolling Stone Music Now podcast
By Brian Hiatt

Remarks on Smiths breakup start at 20:35.
An event on now that includes The Smiths.
Runs until 22nd February, 2019.

There is a Light That Never Goes Out: A photographic celebration of Manchester’s rock-music history.

Buzzcocks to Pale Waves: Acts who 'defined' Manchester music on show.


Famous when dead also posted:

"Clive Whittaker booked the Smiths for two gigs:
3rd June 1983 @ The Fighting Cocks in Moseley & 20th March 1984 @ The Tower Ballroom, Birmingham.
Clive informs me that the gig at the The Fighting Cocks in Moseley was only 2/3 full and he lost a lot of money. As a result, The Smiths management gave him the Tower Ballroom gig cheaply as a means of recouping his loss."

Same year, a couple of months later.

Manchester Evening News.

By Emily Heward - 6th October, 2018.

The Smiths photos that got pulled because the NME said they'd 'never be big enough'

This week marks 36 years since their first live gig at Manchester's Ritz.
We spoke to photographer Kevin Cummins about his work with the band.


"At the time they were a breath of fresh air, we'd had a couple of year of New Romantic style bands like Spandau Ballet and Duran Duran, much poppier bands who were the kind of thing your kid sister would like," he says.

"Then suddenly The Smiths came along and The Jesus and Mary Chain and they had a lot of presence and influenced a whole generation."

All images © Kevin Cummins.