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Suffer Little Children - The Smiths: Decibelle demo 1982
The first demo recording made by The Smiths at Decibelle Studios, Beehive Mills. The recording was made on a summers night in 1982.

Set to premiere Dec. 15, 2019:

I want a boy for my birthday


Suffer: Vox

Suffer: Hofner & Gretsch

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Hoping for a Smiths reunion, but being realistic about it.

Excerpt posted by SuedeMoz:

Random question: Would you rather see a Smiths reunion or a Talking Heads reunion?
Oh, shoot. Shoot. I think a Smiths reunion because the Talking Heads reunited for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Sure, but it was three songs 17 years ago.
Yeah, but you can see what it looked like. That’s something. To me, because the Smiths seems more impossible, that’s why it’s like, “Oh, my God.” People would freak out. Can you imagine the venue they would play? I actually think they could play a football stadiums.

I think they could do 20 nights at Wembley Stadium, minimum.
Yeah! People would freak out!

I think these are beefs that go back decades and often they are tied up in legal issues that really cause insane bitterness....
Were you there when Morrissey and The Smiths rocked Lancashire - Lancashire Post

The Smiths were one of the best loved bands of the 1980s.
Now a new book is set to look back at their famous live dates and the author needs your help to capture their Lancashire dates, as Mike Hill reports.

"Memories of their live dates are the stuff of musical legend and they played in Lancashire several times in their career. These recollections are to be captured in a new book, and a Manchester music historian wants to hear from fans who saw any of their Lancashire appearances to help him compile a ‘people’s history’ of the band. The Smiths, led by charismatic gladioli-clutching singer Morrissey and guitar-slinging sidekick Johnny Marr,...


The original Decibelle recording. Brings back so many memories. Thanks to Philipe Delcloque, one of the many unsung heroes of the late 70's, early 80's Manchester music scene.

UPDATE Jan. 1:

Additional clips added (Domu Kafe channel):

UPDATE Jan. 3:

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Listen to The Smiths’ earliest studio demo from 1982 — including isolated guitar, vocals - Slicing Up Eyeballs

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"laughter" track from Suffer. So, this was the laughter track which ran over the ending of Suffer. I have no idea who the girl is. It wasnt Linder, it was a girl Stephen turned up with. She left after the part was recorded. Stick your headphones on, turn out the lights, and you will almost recreate the atmosphere in the studio. She asked for the control room and studio lights to be turned off, I'm guessing it was hard enough, without looking at a bunch of young men through the glass. Listening retrospectively, she did a bloody good job of it.

vocal track

This formed part of the original demo, the names of the missing children. It's one of a series of isolated vox from the decibelle demo.

Outro of "Suffer" recorded at decibelle studios, Manchester. I will slowly upload the...
Podcast #132: Bryan Ferry, Guy Pratt's bass tales, 1983 on Netflix - Audioboom

Bassist Guy Pratt talks about rehearsing with the Smiths for the Queen Is Dead tour of the US starting at 14:00. Amusing guy!
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#Bumblebee is TOTALLY an 80s movie in the BEST way possible. Has major Spielberg and John Hughes vibes. There's like 4 running Breakfast Club gags and @HaileeSteinfeld (who is great) spends half the movie trying to make Bumblebee appreciate The Smiths. Holy crap I loved that.

Twitter reactions and reviews have revealed that The Smiths are the main character's favorite band, and Bumblebee (the car) cant stand Morrissey's voice, even possibly going as far to say "fuck Morrissey".

However, by the end of the film, Bumblebee has been won over by The Smiths.

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