Reports on "TFI Friday"
broadcast on Channel 4 (UK] - Dec. 19, 1997

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Thanks firstoff to the Stephen and Mike for screen captures:

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Report from Stephen.B:

Typical, waiting for Moz to be on teevee is like waiting for the no.73 bus at the Angel, nothing for bloody years, then three in a week!!! No shots of Moz in car, talking about 60’s icons, this was the real thing. It was really worth the wait. ‘TFI Friday’ is a prime time show on channel 4, hosted by Brit media mogul Chris Evans. It’s a mix of live music, guests and sketches ala ‘The Late Show’ with Letterman. Behind TOTP it is the UK’s no. 1 music show, but with more street cred and an older audience profile.

Fellow Manc, Chris Evans introduced Moz as one of the greatest living Englishmen, one of the most influential musicians of the last 20 years, about to score his 22nd consecutive solo top 40 hit, with ‘Satan Rejected My Soul’.

Once again a very punchy rendition ala Battersea, the boys are fully fighting fit after the tour and tight. It all seemed to be very well-received with the 300 or so audience. God knows if any of the faithful were there, I phoned about tickets on Thursday and was told there is a waiting list of over 6 months!!!

By the way the darts shots were from the opening credits when they introduced all of the guests, Moz, Sting and Space this week. It was only on the screen for a couple of seconds and nothing was said.

(sidenote: I must take umbrage with Naomi, this is just the type of show he should be appearing on. As I mentioned previously he has a very aging, tired but fiercely loyal fan base in the UK. If moz is to move on to another stage of his career he desperately needs some pre 20/30 something fans and this was the perfect platform. Not only that I actually like the show a lot and watch it every week anyway.)

Report from Naomi:

"Satan Rejected My Soul" made its appearance in the last 5 minutes of a typically dire episode of "TFI Friday". Morrissey was dressed in black, in similar mode to the Battersea gig. His delivery was quite lazy really, missing out the ends of lines and generally looking quite bored (can we blame him?). He also wiped his nose more than twice - our Moz has obviously been given a cold for Christmas...

As is customary, there was also a glimpse of Moz right at the beginning of the programme. He threw a dart and then looked at the camera.

Report from Smerrett:

Morrissey as stated did perform a rather lack lustre performance of ‘Satan Rejected My Soul’ on TFI Friday. There was no interview or even mention of him really in the rest of the show, however he was referred to as the most influential gentleman in British music. The performance was basically a chore for Moz who barely danced and gave no indication of wanting to be there. However it was great to see him back on terrestial British television again!!!

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