Article: Mani and friends curating a night of Smiths classics at Band on the Wall in

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Press release:



The JD Set returns to Manchester’s Band On The Wall where Mancunian legend MANI and a host of friends will pay tribute to one of the city’s defining acts on 12th May 2011. Taking songs from across THE SMITHS five albums Mani will be joined by Tom Clarke of The Enemy, Little Barrie and ones to watch The Moons. With so many great tunes to choose from there are sure to be debates about what Mani’s supergroup should play. Keep an eye on for more details and to view rehearsal footage in April to see what makes the cut. Mani said of this unique and very special night:

"I chose The Smiths on two levels really, geographically and musically. I am a fiercely proud Mancunian and fiercely proud of the musical output of the great city.

The Smiths are just one of many musical icons that Manchester has provided to the...

Johnny Marr spotted at the Oscars

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An anonymous person writes:

Saw Johnny Marr on the pre-Oscar Red carpet.​

Marr worked on "Inception", nominated for "Best Original Score".

See also:

<a href="">Johnny Marr “Walking Down Hollywood”</a> - Johnny Marr Plays Guitar

"Why do you come here?" - The Day I Met Morrissey

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I was reviewing the gig last night and managed to run into the man himself as well -as a lifelong fan it was quite the occasion so I'm glad I got a picture to go with it :)

Full account is detailed here:
"Why do you come here?" - The Day I Met Morrissey - Stop The Lights

Read and enjoy :)


Emily Browning covers "Asleep" on the "Sucker Punch" soundtrack

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Rob sends the link / excerpt:

'Sucker Punch' Soundtrack Features Emily Browning, Carla Gugino, Bjork, Queen + More - PopEater

"The film's cast gets in on the fun, with star Emily Browning covering the Eurythmics' 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This),' the Smiths' 'Asleep' and the Pixies' 'Where Is My Mind?'..."

Morrissey / Smiths in the media

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From Alex (original post):

Morricone 2010 interview mentions 'Dear God'

Ennio Morricone Interviewed: "Compared To Bach, I'm Practically Unemployed" - The Quietus


Did you meet Morrissey before working on some of the strings for Ringleader Of The Tormentors?
EM: I didn’t meet him personally, I spoke to the producer Tony Visconti before starting but you know, he did not use what I did for the album anyway. It was not his style.

Vu writes:

Noise In My Head radio station has The Smiths' "Shoplifters" poster
I thought this was pretty funny, but apparently someone at Melbourne's Triple R...​

Morrissey spotted at Squarehead / Spies concert in Dublin

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Update 7:50am PT 2/25/2011:

Link/photo posted in the forum thread by Silke:

Morrissey & Squarehead -

Here we are then:


[SUB]Moz & Squarehead. (enlarge)[/SUB]​

Shat myself as I approached for this picture. Y’know, I didn’t wanna be bollocked by him, or worse made feel a spa by himself for asking.

Anyway, I’ve attracted a load of Morrissey blog people to the site as a result of the picture being on the Richter Collective Blog, so if you are one of those lovely people, I must mention that this is Morrissey’s favourite North-Dublin based photo-blog comprised heavily of live-music images and occasional...​

Mike Joyce in new Lexus CT 200h 'Drum Roll' TV Commercial (UK)

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I happened to notice a rather smart Mike Joyce drumming in the advert for the new Lexus Hybrid car in the UK. Appears twice on stage in what looks like the Apollo in Manchester. Links to ad and interviews where he plays TQID intro below

Article: Andrew McGibbon (Andrew Paresi) praises Smiths fans; new book, "I Was Douglas Adams's Flatm

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Chris writes:

Andrew McGibbon who (as Andrew Paresi) played on Morrissey's first three solo albums praises Smiths fans in a new interview. Andrew has been talking on the 'bookgeeks' website about his new book, I Was Douglas Adams's Flatmate And Other Encounters With Legends. For the full interview and for more information on the book (which includes a chapter about working with Moz on tracks including 'Everyday Is Like Sunday' and 'November Spawned A Monster') go here.

Andrew continues to play drums. He's just finished recording with blues inspired group GoodtimesGoodtimes produced by another erstwhile Morrissey collaborator, Danton Supple.​


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