Threats for Smiths on 1984 Irish tour mentioned in "Irish Blood, English Heart" book discussed

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RTE piece on 'Irish Blood, English Heart': Second-Generation Irish Musicians in England

Threats for Smiths on Irish tour

Coverage on Phantom FM Sean Campbell interview

Morrissey-solo is now MorrisseyLoversUnited

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As part of the ongoing changes, from now on the site previously known as "" is changing to "". Please change your bookmarks accordingly.

This change signifies a move away from the past site's reputation of negativity in advance of the new releases and tour. Rather than keep the open policy on the site, anything deemed negative or otherwise too critical may be removed from the site at any time. Frankly, I also have wanted to change the name for a while as I have really gotten sick of people using the term 'solow' in describing the site.

Further down the road some changes include most likely getting rid of anonymous comments as many people have requested. One person pointed out a little while ago that "the site was rendered obsolete by Facebook, Wikipedia, and various search engine options." At first I dismissed...

The Smiths – An Ordinary Name for the Rock Hall of Fame - Goldmine Mag

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Pat writes:

Goldmine Mag commentary on why The Smiths belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:

The Smiths – An Ordinary Name for the Rock Hall of Fame - By Phill Marder, Goldmine​

Johnny Marr shares his midnight Manchester Odyssey with the world

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I was actually following this as it happened. Weird.

I would go out tonight: Johnny Marr shares his midnight Manchester odyssey with the world - Manchester Evening News

Music legend Johnny Marr went on a midnight ramble around the streets of Manchester – with thousands of fans tracking his impromptu odyssey online.

Pre-order album/single bundles at

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Oh yes, this is what we like to hear....:thumb::thumb: search

Morrissey - The Very Best Of: Win Signed Vinyl Copies!
Morrissey - Glamorous Glue Bundle: Win Signed Artwork Print!

"Stop Me..." multi-track studio recordings extracted from Rock Band 3

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Multi-Track-Studio-Recordings-of-Stop-Me.... have been provided here :

Multi-tracks of ‘Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before’ -

See also the forum thread started by Gurlejerk where the tracks may have originated from:

If you've downloaded this before, stop me

Morrissey mentioned in Time blurb about celebrities who go by only one name

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In this recent Time® blurb, Morrissey is mentioned alongside Oprah and Fabio as a celebrity who goes by only one name.

"Irish Blood, English Heart" play in London

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Oliver writes:

I saw this story about the play Irish Blood, English Heart and wondered if it's intentionally connected to Morrissey's song:

Irish Blood, English Heart to Transfer to London's Trafalgar Studios - Playbill

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