Statement by Morrissey in Hot Press on Queen's visit to Ireland

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The Very Existence of the Queen Is Against Any Notion of Democracy - Hot Press

16 May 2011

This is just one of a number of compelling charges set down by Morrissey in an article written for Hot Press, to coincide with the Queen's visit to Ireland

The Queen's visit to Ireland is part of a new Palace PR campaign to re-invent the Windsors. The message from the Queen will be the same as ever: who we are born to is more important than what we achieve in life.

It should be remembered by the Irish people that as recently as the turn of the 1980s the Queen supported Margaret Thatcher by not dismissing Thatcher as she allowed hunger strikers to die at the Maze Prison, most famously Bobby Sands, who was 27 years old. As Sands starved to death in protest at being tagged a 'criminal' and not a 'political prisoner' by the Thatcher government, the Queen sat in her Palace and said nothing. If the Queen...

Morrisseysworld.blogspot -

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Morrisseysworld.blogspot -

14 May 2011

Morrissey would like it known that the site known as Morrisseysworld.blogspot is fake. Morrissey has no connection with the site and is therefore not the author of anything written on the site.

New 2011 UK tour ad in The Independent

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Tour promo ad from todays 'Independent' newspaper ~


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Sweet and Tender Hooligans - Oakland (Fri. May 20), San Jose (Sat. May 21), Los Angeles (May 22)

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* site sponsors

Morrissey/The Smiths tribute band SWEET AND TENDER HOOLIGANS will be presenting their annual Morrissey Birthday performances at these West Coast venues. Listen to "Breakfast with The Smiths: The World of Morrissey" Sundays at 9am pacific on for a chance to win tickets

Friday May 20th
1928 Telegraph Ave.
Oakland CA 94612

Saturday May 21st
44 S. Almaden
San Jose CA 95113

Sunday May 22
8430 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069

El Paso's Club Dedo to celebrate Morrissey's birthday week (Thurs., May 19)

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shoplifterromo writes:

For nearly a decade, Club Dedo, 204 Rio Grande, El Paso, Texas, has proudly celebrated Morrissey's birthday. This year's fiesta will happen Thurs., May 19th, from 9pm-2am. No cover, drink specials, and plenty of Moz/Smiths originals and covers, Britpop, 60's girl groups, Motown and Rockabilly. 21+ only!​


Pyramid Club NYC Celebrates Morrissey's B-day (May 19)

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Des writes:

Annual Morrissey B-day Bash info @ Pyramid Club, Thurs. May 19, 2011.
It is a night for fans in NYC to celebrate the music of Morrissey & The Smiths.​


2011 tour image?

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On the Morrissey ticket page and also on the printed tickets is the below image.


Update (May 12, 2011 7:30AM PT ):

Info on photo posted in the comments:

I think its Anthony Franciosa - he was a tv and film actor - most famous in the 1960s but he also starred in Argento's Tenebrae

It is. in "Senilita", 1962.

Link to stock image from Dave2006.

Alan Wilder (Depeche Mode - Recoil) desires Morrissey for a Recoil track

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An article from the Quietus asking Wilder about his 13 favourite records, and how they shaped his work in post-Depeche Mode project Recoil

Alan Wilder Of Recoil & Depeche Mode's 13 Favourite LPs - The Quietus


Wilder’s reasons for his choice of Morrissey's You Are The Quarry are also interesting – he's not a fan of Steven Patrick's music, but says he feels as a lyricist he'll only be regarded after he's gone. And, indeed, he’d love to get him onboard for a Recoil track.

...Morrissey - You Are The Quarry
Steven Morrissey is simply one of our most underrated writers or poets who, I believe, will only be fully recognised posthumously. Morrissey has quite a lot of detractors, even now. There's plenty of admirers out there, of course, but he's a love-to-hate character. He rubs people up the wrong way occasionally, and those things tend to overlook what he's most...

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