Morrissey - Of Which I Am Most Proud - singles

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Of Which I Am Most Proud / singles: List from Morrissey -

1) First of the gang to die (2004) #6 UK
2) Irish blood, english heart (2004) #3 UK
3) I'm throwing my arms around Paris (2009) #21 UK
4) That's how people grow up (2008) #14 UK
5) Panic (1986) #11 UK
6) Girlfriend in a coma (1987) #13 UK
7) Let me kiss you (2004) #8 UK
8) Everyday is like sunday (1988) #9 1988, #42 2010 UK
9) You have killed me (2006) #3 UK
10) All you need is me (2008) #24 UK

Ryan McGinley's photo tour with Morrissey plus Morrissey's favourite incense

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Reading the December 2011 issue of GQ (American issue) I came across this in the feature on best stuff 2011,

Ryan McGinley photographer

"I travelled around the world with Morrissey in the mid 2000s for a project where I shot all of his fans, and he would burn this one incense everywhere he went. I really liked the idea of having a smell that people associate with me, so I got into candles. Le Labos's Santal 26 candles in particular. The smell like a campfire you'd make while wearing a leather jacket. I have them all over my apartment, my studio - even my tour bus".

My Morrissey knowledge is pretty reasonable but I've never heard of this photographer, let alone this project. I'll go answer my own question and do some searchers, but does anyone know if the project went ahead?

I wonder what scent the incense was? I somehow can't see it being a $3 packet of sandalwood from the markets.

"Kit" - No Longer Keeping It Hidden

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An anonymous person writes:

Oh, Kit. You really do exist.
This song is just too beautiful not to be heard & shared amongst Morrissey fans everywhere. My apologies in advance for the somewhat degraded quality. Enjoy.

PS- If anyone out there is good at cleaning up old audio, please feel free to do so and then kindly share it back here so that we may all have a cleaner copy. Thank you, David, for maintaining this site throughout the years. Your work is appreciated. And that is why the news of this song is debuting on your site.

Some background:

According to Mozipedia, "Kit" (Morrissey/Boorer) is a "Studio outtake from the 1997 Maladjusted album sessions".

"Kit" lyrics -

Update Jan. 6, 11:40 PM PT:

Song on YouTube via the InMozWeTrust Facebook page...

Use of Please, Please, Please on 'Greatest TV ad of all time' - sales results

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Whalley Range writes:

UK Department store John Lewis released record figures this week for their sales up to Christmas. The press has very much given credit to their TV ad campaign which featured a cover of “Please, Please, Please”, sung by Slow Moving Millie.

Here are some links to the story…

The gift that keeps giving: John Lewis's 'greatest ad ever' helps bring in more than £500million in Christmas sales - Daily Mail
Bucks trend of gloom on the High Street that saw Next sales fall 2.7%

Scots boy's TV ad boosts John Lewis festive sales to almost £600m - Daily Record
A TEAR-JERKER telly advert starring a seven-year-old from Scotland helped John Lewis notch up bumper festive sales of nearly...

Morrissey featured in new PETA poster campaign

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Morrissey is featured in new PETA poster campaign -
5 January 2012


Morrissey 'Honoured Beyond Words' By Peta Award - Contactmusic

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Morrissey 'Honoured Beyond Words' By Peta Award - ContactMusic


...In a letter to Peta founder Ingrid Newkirk, Morrissey writes, "I am honoured beyond words to be named as Peta's Person of the Year! Higher praise is hard to come by! I make no sensational claims for myself... I simply say 'No' to any form of animal suffering, and to the execution of innocent beings. Peta remains indefatigable and visionary, and together we have the executioners on the run."

Related item:

Fender Johnny Marr signature Jaguar guitar release

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Tweet from Johnny Marr:

Fender Johnny Marr guitar release

Johnny Marr signature Jaguar guitar - Fender

Fender is very proud to introduce the Johnny Marr signature Jaguar® guitar, which puts the inventive ringing sounds and highly distinctive design mods of one of the U.K.’s greatest modern-era guitarists in your hands.


"Oscillate Wildly" - NYC - The Delancey - January 12th.

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*site sponsor


A Monthly Smiths & Morrissey Tribute Night & Dance Party. (Is it really so strange?)

To RSVP (Facebook invite)

Dance your legs down to the knees @ NYC's most charming party with DJ Ceremony spinning a volatile, ecstatic all-night Smiths & Morrissey tribute dance party including classics, deep cuts, & new songs (-'cause I really do love them; does that sound mad?). Also featuring UK, Indie, Britpop, & Manchester.

• 21 and up. Free.

Thursday, January 12th, 2012 — 9:30 p.m. to 4 a.m.
Venue: THE DELANCEY (Main level) — 168 Delancey Street (Between Clinton & Attorney)
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