Billy Bragg posts 1985 photo with Morrissey

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Fig writes:

Thought you might be interested in this picture and its description from Billy Bragg's facebook page.

"I'm quoted in this month's Mojo as saying that, while on tour with the Smiths in Canada in 1985, me and Morrissey went on one of the rides at Kingswood in Toronto wearing Hawaiian shirts and summer shorts. Doubt has been cast on my memory of this event in some quarters and so I have once again plugged in my trusty neg scanner and here we are in 'Canada's Wonderland'. Looks like I was only half right though, as I appear to be wearing a Fats Domino t-shirt and cheap jeans."​


News also posted in the forums by virtually dead.

"Ask" live video used to promote "Rank"

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I have never seen this. It might have been on here before, but it is new to me. I didn't know that they made a promo live video to promote the "Rank" album.

Quotes from the information.

"This video of "Ask" (live) was used as promotion for the "Rank" album. The Footage is from the "The Queen Is Dead" tour - while Craig Gannon was with the Smiths".

(Morrissey, On Pop Promos) ..........
~ "I have never liked it... I never like any videos & I just feel that if The Smiths could just slide along,,, or had just slid along without ever touching this world, I would have felt incredibly proud.... But I suppose, to the glazed eye, that hasn't happened..... Something precious has been lost and I don't think it was worth losing it, to be quite honest."

Update Feb. 18, 11 am PT:

winemouth;1986625168 said:
FYI, I uploaded the original video a year ago (the one linked above is just a rehash of it). It comes from a...

Johnny Marr at Amoeba Records in Los Angeles

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nando sends the link / video:

Johnny Marr Drops By Amoeba - brokenheartboy

Johnny Marr recently dropped by one of the amazing Amoeba record stores in California and was snagged to do a quick video of what he was purchasing. Pretty cool to hear what the genius is thinking music wise. And no, there is no talk of a Smiths reunion. Sighhhhhhhh. Have a look:​

MOJO (Apr. 2011) - "The Queen Is Dead" 25th anniversary issue

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MOJO - April 2011 cover


...THE SMITHS: Recorded 25 years ago, The Queen Is Dead is Morrissey and Marr’s masterpiece, its power and arrogance forged on the road in 1985. Martin Aston tells the story of a legendary tour, Jon Savage salutes a band in its prime and a cast of stars praise the album, track by track.


Portobello ReCollection art piece includes "Viva Hate"; contributions welcome

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Oliver writes:

We have just launched a site dedicated to the art piece and wish to find members of the public to share stories of how music made in this part of London affected their lives. Please find attached a press release related to the project. If “Viva Hate” touched any Morrissey fans, we’d love to hear from them! Photos added to Flickr are being gathered in this group.

You can see “Viva Hate’s” cover here.​


'Meat Is Murder' recreated in Lego

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From NME's 26 album sleeves recreated in Lego:

The Smiths, 'Meat Is Murder'. No Lego men were harmed in the making of this photo gallery.
Photo: Christoph


thetexasbloke sends the link to the previously mentioned Lego 'You Are The Quarry' in the same feature:

Morrissey, 'You Are The Quarry'. Who'd have thought a Lego man could look like such a stone cold pimp?
Photo: Christoph


Related item: Morrissey - You Are The Lego? (Mozz featured in 20 album covers recreated in LEGO) - July 31, 2008

SMITHS-MORRISSEY NITE @ The echoplex in LA (Feb. 20)

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Sun. Feb. 20 at the echoplex in L.A. The Part Time Punks are presenting SMITHS-MORRISSEY NITE with an acoustic performance from Jose Maldonado lead singer of the best Smiths-Moz cover band in the world "The Sweet & Tender Hooligans"
see you there.

"Only If You Are Really Interested" - new book by Nicholas P. Greco (Spring/Summer 2011)

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An anonymous person sends the link:

"Only If You Are Really Interested" - McFarland
Celebrity, Gender, Desire and the World of Morrissey

by Nicholas P. Greco

Not Yet Published, Available Spring/Summer 2011

About the Book
One of the keys to the enduring popularity of the British singer Morrissey is his carefully crafted enigmatic persona. This critical book examines the role of enigma in the celebrity’s public life, exploring how a level of mystery is maintained through television interviews, videos, reviews and concerts, as well as through his music and lyrics. Of particular interest is the way in which enigma stimulates interest and desire in his audience, and how the artist manipulates traditional modes of masculinity and the conventions of pop music to further cultivate enigma.

About the Author
Nicholas P. Greco is an assistant professor of communications and media at...

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