"Is Morrissey a national treasure?" - Peter Paphides and Sukhdev Sandhu debate, The Observer

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Although this comes off the back of the Falklands comment, it is not strictly about it but perhaps harks back to The Culture Show's accolade a few years back.

Is Morrissey a national treasure? - Series: The debate - Peter Paphides and Sukhdev Sandhu, The Observer
The singer is in trouble for backing Argentina's claims to the Falklands, but we still love him – don't we?

Article: "Divided Britain: What Morrissey's stance on the Falklands tells us about national unity" b

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Not really unexpected I guess, considering the usual bandwagon jumping by the tabloids in Britain, but this is in today's Mirror. :mad:


Link to online version posted by MORRIZSEY (original post):

Divided Britain: What Morrissey's stance on the Falklands tells us about national unity - by Tony Parsons, The Mirror

Rio de Janeiro - Fundicao Progresso (Mar. 9, 2012) post-show

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Post your info and reviews related to this concert in the comments section below. Other links (photos, external reviews, etc.) related to this concert will also be compiled in this section as they are sent in. Beware of anonymous set list trolls!

Morrissey excerpt from 'The History of the NME' by Pat Long

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Published in 'The Times' yesterday ~

"Under the direction of Danny Kelly in the early Nineties, the NME became known colloquially as the New Morrissey Express: every time they put the former Smiths frontman on the cover, sales spiked. "Morrissey was perfect for NME because he was intelligent and articulate," says Andrew Collins, a former writer for the paper.

Forget acid house and baggy, Morrissey was the NME, something which made what happened in August 1992 all the more strange. On a sunny weekend in North London's Finsbury Park, Madness re-formed to play their first gigs since they'd split acrimoniously in 1986. Only one act performing wasn't a Londoner: Morrissey, who was due to go on stage immediately prior to the Nutty Boys.

The paper's sole black writer, Dele Fadele, arrived at the office, fuming. "Dele was an amazing guy," says Collins, "a fabled African prince who lived in a squat. He came in to work absolutely impassioned and offended by what he'd seen at Finsbury...

Morrissey in market photo

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UPDATE March 8, 4:00PM PT:

queen of the desert posted the photo is from the same 2009 Filter Magazine interview session in Los Angeles (scans posted by Claudia2006). Photo by Michael Muller.

Image shared by Moz on Facebook (source not referenced):


The photo was used in the previously mentioned ad for the forthcoming Hawaii shows.

"I Keep Mine Hidden" different mix in the Complete box set

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Info posted by sid james back in Oct. 2011, in case anyone missed it:
I hate posting on this place, but please check the version physically pressed on the reverse of the 'Sweet and Tender Hooligan' 7" in the deluxe 'Complete' boxset.

Mine is a different mix - the easiest way to notice - immediately after Morrissey sings 'It's so easy for you' a loud guitar line enters right at the front of the mix.

I have just checked the version from both the original 'Sweet and Tender Hooligan' CD from 1995 AND the MP3 download version you get with the Rhino 'Complete' boxset, and this guitar line is completely absent on both.

So bizarrely, the MP3 version that Rhino is touting DOES NOT MATCH UP with what is actually on the physical version.

The only place I have heard this guitar line is on the 7" in the Complete box set. Is it a general f*** up, or have I got some supremely rare mispress? Dunno. But no amount of 'remastering' can add a guitar line to a track - it's either a...

São Paulo's Morrissey Concert to be broadcasted by Terra on Sunday

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As previously mentioned here, the Morrissey concert in São Paulo, on sunday will be broadcasted by Terra (www.terra.com.br). Im not sure if it will be available for users outside Brasil, but it worth trying. The broadcast will be in High Definition (it depends the speed connection of the user). This is part of 10 gigs during this year, being the next one, on may 2nd, Noel Gallagher High Flying Birds.
Hope someone can recorded it and make it available later, as I will be in the concert. Yesterday's concert was fantastic and all the major sites and newspapers highlighted the good spirits of Morrissey and the crownded audience as well.
Some links below (in portuguese)



Artists to celebrate 30th anniversary of The Smiths

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Artists to celebrate 30th anniversary of The Smiths - Manchester Evening News


A raft of art projects under the banner ‘The Gospel According To’ start next week with a major new exhibition showcasing how influential The Smiths have been in European arts and culture.

The Part 1 will include video installations of contemporary artists Lucienne Cole tap-dancing to Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now, Lars Laumann explaining a conspiracy theory that Smiths classic The Queen Is Dead foretold Princess Diana’s demise, and Andrew Bracey’s animation of a bear dancing to This Charming Man.

The exhibition, at the Holden Gallery at Manchester Metropolitan University, will also include a ‘bootleg booth’ screening rare archive footage of early Smiths performances.

...The Gospel According to...(Part 1) exhibition launches from March 16 to May 4, and is...

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