Re-Live Morrissey's 52nd Birthday Party in Stockholm!

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Re-live the Magic!
For the 14th year in a row, Thanks to Tom Pyl, Henrik Moberg & Co, here's a little piece of Heaven from a very old Digital Camera in Glorious Low-def...

19 short clips of unedited 2011 Moz Singalong Frenzy in chronological order from the Best Party of the Year - The Best party of EVERY year - The annual Morrissey Birthday Party Bash in Stockholm. This year we were gathered at Hotell Rival, Mariatorget, from 19.00 - 02.00, May 21st/May 22nd.

7 hours of Morrissey Singalong & a constant flow of alcoholic beverages.. It's simply the BEST PARTY EVER!!!... As always... Counting the days to the next one...

Morrissey turns 52 - May 22, 2011

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Post your birthday wishes in the comments section below.

Article: Frank Arkwright tweeted about delivering 7 remastered Smiths albums and 50 e

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Did this get reported before?

7 remastered Smiths albums and 50 extra tracks
frankarkwright1 Frank Arkwright
delivering 7 remastered Smiths albums and 50 extra tracks
19 Mar 10!/frankarkwright1

"Last of the Famous..." test pressing with alternate "Lucky Lisp" on eBay

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There is a very rare Last of the Famous... 7" test pressing on ebay

There was a similar one (if not the same one?) listed back in December - see the discussion

It has an alternative version of Lucky Lisp on the b-side - which I still don't think has ever been leaked.

Someone with more cash than me must buy it and share it :thumb:


Morrissey Last Of The Famous 7" test pressing with different version of the B side ,here we have one of the rarest Morrissey items a light blue label test pressing of "Last of the Famous International Playboys" as you know Morrissey test pressings are mega rare and are usually produced in single figures and this is the 1st copy of this i have seen ,what makes it even rarer is the b isde...

Support band Brother talk about Morrissey

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Morrissey Support Band "brother " talk about morrissey to the NME :)mad:)

The People Versus Brother - The Great Escape 2011 video -
We met up with Brother at The Great Escape 2011. Find out what Brother think of Beady Eye, if they would ever collaborate with Morrissey and who their biggest inspirations are.

Eugene Morrissey Tribute Night (May 21)

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Tara writes:

Eugene Morrissey Tribute Night Celebrates The Queen Is Dead

Sat May 21st 8pm at the Wandering Goat
all ages and free
An all-star, all-local band will be playing the Smiths album the Queen Is Dead in it's entirety. Rare Smiths and Morrissey will be spun on vinyl courtesy of Rock N Roll Damnation.

Facebook event

Morrissey birthday party in Stockholm, Saturday (May 21)

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Id Love To writes:

We are proud to announce yet another birthday party for Morrissey in Stockholm. This years celebration will be held on Saturday the 21th of May at Hotel Rival at Mariatorget. Except for that, nothing new will be introduced to the concept, i.e. there will be aplenty of opportunities for gentle sing-a-long to every Morrissey song worth mentioning (and those very, very few worth not mentioning)

What: Morrissey 52nd birthday
When: Saturday the 21th of May, 19:00-02:00
Where: Stockholm, Rival Hotel, Mariatorget 3
How: Free entrance, age limit 23​

Los Angeles birthday tribute (May 21)

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La Fonda Supper Club Host's a Birthday Tribute to Morrissey
Celebrating Morrissey's 52nd Birthday w/DJ's Alex & Ray.....
Dancing, Videos, Giveaways...Midnight Birthday Toast to Morrissey !

Address: 2501 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles Ca. 90057 ( Near Downtown L.A. )
Early Arrival Suggested-!

Doors Open @ 9pm....$5 Before 10pm, $10 After 21+ Over

Facebook event page


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