Morrissey signed with the William Morris Endeavor talent agency

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An anonymous person writes that Morrissey has signed with the William Morris Endeavor talent agency today.

Pete Paphides tweets that he turned down interviewing Morrissey this year

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Pete Paphides has just revealed (via twitter) that he turned down a Moz interview this year...

May 3

I was offered a Morrissey i/view this yr. Glad I said no. It doesn't occur to him that most of us are as reluctant to meet him as he is us.

I'm sure everyone is as gutted as I am? :rolleyes:

Statement from Morrissey on True To You

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1 May 2011

April 30 statement from Morrissey -

I'm sorry I made the Detergent O Leary radio interview so difficult but I was in a foul mood, having spent a full week surrounded by the royal dreading. England may very well be a Windsor dictatorship, but - PR Weddings aside, it is usually quite bearable.
If my Front Row (Radio 4) interview sounded chopped and cropped, that's because it was. I had spoken fluently about the royal dreading, but an Iranian censorship confiscated all of my views. It is distressing, but in all manner of British media in 2011 we are only allowed to hear the same old thoughts and feelings expressed over and over and over again.
During the week of the royal dreading, Poly Styrene died. Having made an enormous contribution to British art and sound – at a desperate time when so many of us needed her, Poly Styrene's death was all but ignored by the British television news media...

"Very Best Of Morrissey" enters at #80 in the UK album chart

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From The Official UK Albums Top 100:

80 New 1 Very Best Of - Morrissey

"The Very Best Of Morrissey" bonus DVD and "Glamorous Glue" CD video quality

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I got my Glamorous CD yesterday and the promo video on it has been taken directly from the Malady DVD, you can even see the title in the first split second! Does that mean that the new DVD will be pieced together from the three DVDs we already know? That would be disappointing, to say the least!

I don't understand why he won't release a COMPLETE collection of promo videos anyway ... at least up until the seven year break.

...I received the album yesterday, and the DVD really is in NTSC ... and naturally, the videos look worse than their respective counterparts on Hulmerist/Malady. What the hell were they thinking?

"I Won't Share You" Rough Trade promo video made to help the Terrance Higgins Trust (1987)

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Credit for this is given to hipsterdisco.

A veteran opera singer gives her final performance, intercut by 8mm home movies of an early love affair. Directed by Derek Jarman & starring Tilda Swinton.

This promotional Video was put together in the early 1990s for a multimedia exhibition organised by Rough Trade which would have raised money for the Terrance Higgins Trust.

The planning ended when Rough Trade went into liquidation & The video was therefore only half finished. It would have had band footage over-layed {like the "Ask" and "Panic" videos}

Updated YouTube Morrissey channel, MySpace and official site

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Morrissey Youtube channel and Myspace have been updated :

The official site has also been updated:

"The Queen Is Dead" (Akira The Don's Reptilian Remix)

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Vu sends the link:

The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead (Akira The Don's Reptilian Remix) - Akira The Don

...Well, I get my fun. And most of the fun I’ve managed to extract from this foul publicity stunt/dastardly power harnessing ritual has involved making this remix, which I did for Eddy Temple Morris’ XFM show last week. I now present it to you, as a present. Feel free to smash some television sets to it.

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