Morrissey Central "I DON’T KNOW WHY MY MOTHER IS DEAD" (August 23, 2020)

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“Following a stroke, her recovery was remarkable.
She had three extensive head-to-toe examinations by the NHS who could find nothing amiss.
Four days following the third all-clear examination I was told that my mother had three weeks to live.
Nine days later she had withered and died without any attempt by the NHS to save her life.
Once the NHS waves you off with paracetamol, get ready to meet your maker.
The official cause of my mother’s death was not the trendy and unquestionable “covid” - but, instead, cancer of the gallbladder … which had gone undetected by the NHS during their three thorough investigations.
How I wish to all gods that my mother had expressed no faith in the NHS.
She might still be alive today.”

23 August 2020.

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Morrissey Central "Damien Hirst Speaks" (August 23, 2020)

Morrissey Central "Success" (August 23, 2020)

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Morrissey's VAUXHALL AND I has re-entered the UK chart at number 11.

The album reached number 1 in 1994, and also re-entered the UK Chart at number 63 in 2014.

(Awful res image used on Central).

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SER YT shares "Brow Of My Beloved" (unreleased version), "I Couldn't Understand Why People Laughed" as a thank you (August 22, 2020)

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"A personal thank you to all you flower givers."

(Video removed and re-uploaded Aug. 30).
Described as an "unreleased track".

Link posted by Erik:

Smiths track features on Smash Hits vinyl for National Album Day (October 10, 2020)

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This will appeal to the oddity collectors:

As part of National Album Day 2020 (October 10, 2020), TIALTNGO features on one of the vinyl releases that day:

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Smash Hits 80s: Limited Edition Red Vinyl:

Side A:
1 New Order – Blue Monday
2 A-ha – Take On Me
3 Duran Duran – Hungry Like The Wolf
4 The B-52’s – Love Shack
5 Bananarama - Venus
Side B:
1 Tina Turner – The Best
2 Simply Red – Holding Back The Years
3 The Cars – Drive
4 Pretenders – Don’t Get Me Wrong
5 Aztec Camera – Somewhere In My Heart
Side C:
1 The Smiths – There Is a Light That Never Goes Out
2 Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart
3 Talking Heads – Road to Nowhere
4 The Stranglers – Golden Brown
5 Talk Talk – It’s My Life
Side D:
1 Chaka Khan – I Feel For You
2 Diana Ross – Chain Reaction
3 Fleetwood Mac – Everywhere
4 Spandau Ballet – True
5 Brother Beyond – The Harder I Try


"Vauxhall And I" re-enters Official UK Vinyl Album Charts at #11 (Physical #25, Sales #25)

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The re-issued HMV exclusive blue vinyl Vauxhall And I re-enters the the Official UK Vinyl Album Charts at #11

Also in the Physical Albums Chart Top 100 at #24 and the Album Sales Chart Top 100 at #25

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Tributes paid following the death of legendary NME writer Dele Fadele - NME

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Ben writes:

...reporrting the passing of Dele Fadele, a pivotal figure in the NME and particularly famous for his part in the 'Flirting With Disaster?' cover story about Moz's attitudes towards race.

Dele personally told me that Morrissey had sent over a drink - probably a pint of cider - to Dele when both were in the Good Mixer during Moz's stint living in Camden, and he took it it to be a burying of the hatchet of sorts.

Tributes paid following the death of legendary NME writer Dele Fadele - NME
RIP, Dele.

By Nick Reilly


Tributes have been paid to the former NME writer Dele Fadele, whose death has been confirmed.

It is thought that Fadele died in 2018 of unknown causes, but his passing only became public knowledge last night (August 20), as LouderThanWar...

Matt Walker (of1000faces) new album: "Astronomica" (releases September 25, 2020)

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Pre-order and access to 1 track:


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