Morrissey Central Correction - Chris Laurence played string bass on "He Knows I'd Love To See Him" (August 24, 2022)

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Chris Laurence played string bass on Morrissey's track "He Knows I'd Love To See Him."

Morrissey Central “Morrissey In The Toilet” (August 24, 2022)

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Morrissey Central “The Johnsons.” (August 24, 2022)

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The Killers - What She Said (w/ Johnny Marr), Seattle WA, 8/20/2022

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thought this was good!


An anonymous person posted in the comments:

They played Stop Me & There Is A Light the night before:

UPDATE Sep. 12:

Louder Than War / Susan Sloan: "Kristeen Young – interview" (August 19, 2022)

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Missouri-born singer-songwriter Kristeen Young has been producing her unique cocktail of ‘dissonant piano bashing, operatic vocals and serrated lyrics’ since her debut album Meet Miss Young And Her All Boy Band in 1997. She has toured and worked with artists such as Morrissey and David Bowie. Her 11th studio album The Beauty Shop was released in July 2022.

"You have an impressive back catalogue including collaborations with artists like Bowie, Morrissey and Tony Visconti, yet you still have the raw energy of a new artist. How do you keep your passion for performing and recording at full speed?

I love NOW. It’s important to be cognisant of now and what is going on. I don’t look back very much. I hate nostalgia. I love ideas, I want to grow. I want to learn something new with everything I do. I never think anything is good enough or I’ve arrived at anything. In fact I hate everything I’ve done. f*** Bowie. f*** Morrissey. Who needs TV when you’ve got yourself? Do you know what I...

Morrissey Central "Memories." (August 18, 2022)

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The few Morrissey mentions in the book: here.

Smiths / Morrissey Convention - Avalon Theatre, Hollywood (August 14, 2022)

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See video description for further details.

Alison Martino talks Morrissey on The Craig Kilborn Podcast (August 11, 2022)

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