"Morrissey – from pioneer to pariah" on P3 (Swedish radio documentary - February 14, 2023)

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Released today Feb 14th 2023 on channel P3 (Swedish national radio):

Info (translated with google translate):

Morrissey - from pioneer to pariah (62 min)
This is the story of an outspoken indie pioneer who went from worshiped to cancelled.

The summer of 1992 has been unusually rainy in London, but on Saturday 8 August the sun shines on the 30,000 concertgoers in Finsbury Park. The operatic voice booms as Morrissey enters the stage. His blue jeans are quite tight and the shiny gold shirt is unbuttoned all the way to the navel. But the audience is moderately impressed.

The cult-declared ska-pop band Madness is behind the Madstock festival, and Morrissey has been invited at the last minute. The former The Smiths frontman therefore does not have very many supporters in front of the stage. Instead, the audience this day consists largely of far-right skinheads. But it's only during the second...

Morrissey Central "BONFIRE OF TEENAGERS, RIP" (February 13, 2023) - Morrissey vs Capitol Records

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Capitol Records (Los Angeles) proudly promotes Sam Smith’s ‘satanism’; yet they consider the honest truth of Morrissey’s factual ‘Bonfire of Teenagers’ to be their biggest threat and they will not release it despite their contractual obligation and promise to do so.

Media coverage:

Morrissey Central "THIS CHARMING LIFE" (February 9, 2023)

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Burt Bacharach, RIP

Mporium (UK): "Every Second Of My Life I Only Live For You and more Limited Edition Valentine designs" (February 9, 2023)

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Every Second Of My Life I Only Live For You and more Limited Edition Valentine Designs now available.


Ends 15/02/23
(Not showing on US Mporium currently).

Via marketing email.
Cherubic!? 🙄

Morrissey Central “BONFIRE DOUSED” (February 7, 2023)

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Morrissey is ‘too diverse’ for Universal Music Group.
Capitol Records (Los Angeles) will not, after all, release Morrissey’s 2021 album ‘Bonfire of Teenagers’. At the same time, Capitol Records (Los Angeles) are holding on to the album.

Although Morrissey officially signed to Capitol Records Los Angeles, there has been no mention of Morrissey on Capitol’s website or on their Artists roster.

Morrissey has said that although he does not believe that Capitol Records in Los Angeles signed ‘Bonfire of Teenagers’ in order to sabotage it, he is quickly coming around to that belief.

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Morrissey Central "WE HAVE ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD" (February 6, 2023)

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Fiona Dodwell: "Why An Unsigned Morrissey Proves A Lack Of True Diversity In Music" (February 5, 2023)

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"An Opinion Piece by Fiona Dodwell"


"What was to become of the unreleased 14th solo album? Fans desperately wanted the songs then, as they do now. Morrissey evidently remains committed to releasing them. So, why is there still a barrier, even today, preventing the release of this much sought after project? Who or what stands between the fans and the songs? Why has Bonfire Of Teenagers not been signed, sealed and distributed across the world? The answer might be more unsettling than we like to think."


Italian date June 4? (Will play Taormina, Sicily, date not confirmed - letteraemme.it)

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Google Translate to English:

It's not official, but Morrissey will perform in concert in Taormina​

The date has not been confirmed, but the June 4 slot at the Greek theater has been blocked

TAORMINA. Steven Patrick Morrissey, the former lead singer of the legendary The Smiths, will perform in concert at the Greek theater in Taormina next June. The date is yet to be confirmed, and it's not official (nor have the main online ticket circuits yet put the coupons on presale) but the 4 June slot has been blocked. For Morrissey, and for the Smiths fans, split between his solo career and the more recent one of guitarist Johnny Marr, it would be the first time in Sicily.

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