Morrissey Central "THE PULL OF THE EARTH" (January 12, 2023)

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Jeff Beck, who played guitar on Morrissey's "Black Cloud" (from Years Of Refusal, 2009), has died.

"We are losing so many, so quickly, that it is difficult to stay sane and to keep your thoughts strong. Are we all dreaming? The greats of pop and rock music are now almost entirely wiped-out.

Jeff raised the guitar to a higher plane. Watching and listening to him play on Black Cloud … I hadn't ever seen anything like it. He turned the guitar into an adventure for everyone who listened to him. He was also very easy company, and funny, and his death is a stark message for the rest of us. I am privileged beyond words to have witnessed Jeff's greatness. But it's not enough to simply say those words. The days are darker now."


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Jeff Beck passes away at 78 (January 10, 2023)

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[originally posted in Book of Condolence Thread]

Jeff Beck has passed away

Caglar Soyuncu posted the link:

Jeff Beck talks of Morrissey - April 27, 2010

Excerpt from an article in California Chronicle:

During his career Beck has played with Rod Stewart, Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, Stevie Wonder, Brian May and ZZ Top. In 2009 he guested with Morrissey on the song Black Cloud on his album Year Of Refusal. "I met Morrissey in a hotel in Los Angeles and he put a note under my door saying, 'Would you like to play on my album?' That's how things are with me most of the time. I knew his work with The Smiths and knew he was iconic. I was also aware he was particular about how he liked to do certain things. That suited me because I'm a...

Morrissey Central France, Belgium concerts and 1 UK date announced (January 10, 2023)

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Morrissey has today announced a new London headline show at Eventim Apollo on Sunday 19th March. This show is part of a European tour that includes dates in France and Belgium. Tickets for the shows go on general sale Friday 13th January at 10am (local time)
2023 Tour Dates
Wed 08 March | Paris Salle Pleyel, France
Wed 09 March | Paris Salle Pleyel, France
Sun 12 March | Lyon Amphitheatre, France
Mon 13 March Strasbourg Salle Erasme, France
Wed 15 March | Antwerp Stadsschouwburg Theatre, Belgium
Thu 16 March | Brussels Bozar Theatre, Belgium
Sun 19 March | London Eventim Apollo


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Fiona Dodwell: "A Rebel Without Promo" (January 5, 2023)

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Not sure it's that cloak & dagger (first link)
Not sure responses were of the type being sought 😂 (IG comments - second link).

TheNeedleDrop reviews The Queen Is Dead

Nick Kent on the C86 Show Podcast talking about Morrissey - his politics and sexuality (2021)

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37:30 Nick Kent on the C86 Show Podcast in 2021 talking about Morrissey - his politics and sexuality.

Morrissey Central "WHEN YOU ARE THE QUARRY" (January 6, 2023)

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I am aware that the ludicrous 'Morrissey is Far Right' attributions have very recently wiggled back into minor vogue on all of the usual gossip sites. This rush is, I am assured, in view of Miley Cyrus wanting to be removed from 'I Am Veronica', and suddenly the very dated rehash of "This is because of Morrissey's political views" wobbles out - delighting those for whom I am a book that under no circumstances can they stop reading. My friends are fully aware of a certain aim to put me out of circulation, which has inexplicably become relentless even though the entire point of Cancel Culture is to never again acknowledge whomever has been cancelled. You cannot constantly vomit out the same regurgitated "he should not be listened to" dirge year after year, because YOU are displaying an obsession that you urge others to avoid. I had secretly hoped that the glorious benefit of being cancelled would be that I could never again receive a bad review, because even to give me...

Morrissey Central "Another one bites the dust." (January 3, 2023)

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