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Ian McCulloch and Arctic Monkeys reference Morrissey / The Smiths in concert

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McCulloch from the Echo And The Bunnymen mentions Morrissey before playing Killing Moon in Toronto, Sept. 2022.
00:38 is the exact moment.

Update (Thanks to @Aubrey McFate for the transcription):
"Hey, brilliant, this is great. I think you should all move to England and come to all our concerts. It'd be great, honest. A lovely array of different types of people and styles and all that. So yeah, once again, I was, um, well, not was—I been decreeing some often brilliant-type things. And whatever Morrissey says, I'll say the opposite, 'cos he's a woeful idiot."
Arctic Monkeys do a snippet of This Charming Man in Istanbul, August 2022
2:15 is the exact moment.

Moz mention in new Blue October single "Where Did You Go I'm Less Of A Mess These Days" lyric

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Catchy tune with a nice Moz reference.

At 1:25 (

Remember music yea when it didn't suck
I tried to write for you like Morrissey would
Instead, I stumbled through the songs in the back of my truck
You said you loved the way I sing
Cuz its depressing as f***

Morrissey Central "PAULA, RIP" & "Paula at Morrissey’s knee" (September 13, 2022)

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Paula the dog from World Peace Is None Of Your Business has passed away.



by Gustavo Manzur

Morrissey Central Jean-Luc Godard (September 13, 2022)

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Jean-Luc Godard

"An Evening with Morrissey" November / December US tour dates showing on Ticketmaster; on sale this week

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List of dates now showing on Ticketmaster:

Nov. 11 Ontario, CA - Toyota Arena
Nov. 12 Los Angeles, CA - Greek Theatre (
Nov. 14 El Cajon, CA - The Magnolia
Nov. 15 El Cajon, CA - The Magnolia
Nov. 18 Oakland, CA - Fox Theater
Nov. 22 Salt Lake City, UT - The Union
Nov. 23 Denver, CO - Paramount Theatre
Nov. 25 Minneapolis, MN - Fillmore Minneapolis
Nov. 26 Milwaukee, WI - The Riverside Theater (
Nov. 28 Washington, DC - The Anthem
Nov. 30 Brooklyn, NY - Kings Theatre
Dec. 1 Newark, NJ - New Jersey Performing Arts Center
Dec. 4 Boston, MA - MGM Music Hall at Fenway

Link posted by Famous when dead (additional Los Angeles and Milwaukee dates not listed on Ticketmaster):


Queen Elizabeth II has died, Buckingham Palace announces - BBC (September 8, 2022)

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She’s passed away now.

Morrissey Central "HOLLAND TAKES THE LEAD" (September 7, 2022)

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Re: Haarlem removing meat advertising.

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