Fiona Dodwell: "Exclusive: Interview With Marion Singer, Jaime Harding" - Morrissey mentions (May 15, 2023)

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"He is a raw, honest and innovative artist, yet Harding has experienced significant lows as well as highs throughout his career so far, and much of this was reported in the mainstream press. His encounter with grief after the loss of his manager and close friend, Joe Moss (who had managed legendary Manchester band, the Smiths in the 80’s) and his long-term use of drugs were amongst the biggest struggles of the star. Harding never shied away from these struggles though, and faced them head on, battling against addiction and trauma over recent years."


Wayne Hussey: Morrissey / Smiths mentions in "Heady Daze: The Mission Years, 1985-1990" - published April 20th (May 13, 2023)

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Just digging through the book.
Some Morrissey & Smiths mentions:

"I believe I’m The Mission’s strongest asset as well as its weakest. I can sing – in fact, I’ve become a very good singer – but I don’t have a great voice. By that I mean I don’t have a unique voice in the same way as, say, Morrissey or Björk or Robert Smith or Kate Bush or Siouxsie or John Lydon or Neil Young. You think of all the greats and they all have unique and singular voices. Marmite voices, you might even say – you either love ’em or detest ’em. Some of them aren’t particularly good singers technically, but that matters not a whit if you are unique. Any technical deficiencies you can wave away as style. Take Bob Dylan, for example. So many people abhor his voice and I can understand why. It’s not a pretty voice, it’s got a nasal quality. He sings with his head rather than his diaphragm and he does that idiosyncratic thing where he slurs the notes ‘up’ at the end of lines. But when you hear Dylan, it’s...

Pretenders play EILS on the new tour (UK 2023)

Jan Böhmermann channels Morrissey in "Allemagne Zero Points" video

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[Originally posted in the Strange/unexpected Moz references? thread]

I don`t know where to put that, so I just take the latest post. German comedian and journalist acitivist Jan Boehmermann made a song/video "bemoaning" Germany`s constant failure in the ESC. He uses imagery very close to the "This charming Man" and "My love life" and other videos. He is a huge Smiths fan. Here we go. It is very funny, I think.

Morrissey Central "Morrissey visits his mother's childhood home, 12 May 2023." (May 14, 2023)

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Morrissey visits his mother's childhood home, 12 May 2023.

Julie Hamill YT: "Q&A w/ Jonny Bridgwood re his 90s work with Morrissey" (May 14, 2023)

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Daily Mail: "Big Mouth Strikes AGAIN! Morrissey is filmed from his BA business class seat demanding to be 'let off' the plane..." (May 13, 2023)

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Big Mouth Strikes AGAIN! Morrissey is filmed from his BA business class seat demanding to be 'let off' the plane that was grounded due to stormy weather

Severe thunderstorms meant his flight from London Heathrow to the Irish capital was diverted to Shannon on the west coast of Ireland where it sat on the tarmac for almost two hours until the weather improved.

But once on the tarmac, witnesses said Morrissey demanded to speak to the captain and asked to be 'let off' the Airbus A320 as he didn't 'want to be hanging around in [a] coffin' for hours.

Video passed to MailOnline shows him standing at the front of the plane, in a blue suit, talking to a cabin crew member who is heard telling him: 'We have to put the paperwork in the computer, close the door and then off we go'.


Morrissey Central "DAILY MAIL" (May 12, 2023)

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The Daily Mail 'news' paper is planning a hit-piece on Morrissey. The Daily Mail is scrambling around for grime and gossip to discredit Morrissey once again. Please do not credit The Daily Mail with any views of their hyperbolic clickbait.

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