Morrissey Central "Send me the pillow" (November 26, 2023)

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Send me the pillow

Morrissey Central Morrissey cover star & influence Terry Venables dies (November 26, 2023)

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Link posted by Marsadjusted:

Morrissey Central: TERRY VENABLES, RIP (November 26, 2023)



"Tuesday August 8th 1995 is the launch of Southpaw Grammar at Terry Venables’ club Scribes West on Kensington High Street. I prepare to leave but then quickly turn back. I just can’t face it – there is too much clattering about inside my head."

(What a mess!)

RIP El Tel. :(

Jesse Tobias IG posts from Japan - concert appears to be happening (November 23, 2023)

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Jesse IG story enroute.

(Moved these out of the Jakarta thread so people can see at least one band member is in Japan).

Mporium (UK & US): 25% off all clothing - ends Monday 27, November (November 23, 2023)

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ShoutoutLA: "Meet Brendan Buckley | Drummer" (November 20, 2023)

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"I am a freelance musician. This means that every year of my career looks remarkably different than the previous one. And, I actually have very little ability to predict what adventures lie around the corner. I work with a variety of different artists. Sometimes, I am hired by a manager or artist to perform on a live concert tour. Other times, I am hired by a producer or artist to record music in a studio for a new album... "

Morrissey influenced new Blue October album, claims singer Justin Furstenfeld, 14 Nov. 2023

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Furstenfeld, 47, is an inveterate rock fan, who grew up a devotee of Peter Gabriel, Morrissey and Jane's Addiction.

"Gabriel is who I want to be like," Furstenfeld said. "Gabriel is a wordsmith, who paints amazing sonic pictures. That's what I always wanted to do with Blue October.

"What I like about Morrissey and the Smiths and Jane's Addiction is that they all can go from very hard to very soft just like that. I like that variety. That's part of what has kept this band alive for so long."...

...Furstenfeld is lucid, energetic and inspired at mid-life. "I'm in a good place and I'm trying to do what my heroes have done, like Morrissey, which is to write about obscure things and make them beautiful."

originally on restricted The Spokesman Review website

Juan Galeano / Diamante Eléctrico: win Latin Grammy for best rock song (Nov 16, 2023)

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Initial nomination reaction:

Another Latin Grammy nomination.

Netflix X bio - "i love the smiths"

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Netflix Twitter bio is currently "i love the smiths" - some decent exposure right there to 22.3m followers.

Screenshot posted by Famous when dead:

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