Other People/Bands

Other People/Bands

More Santigold Morrissey love stuff here. I do like the Bakers Dozen pieces the Quietus does.

Didn't realise she was mates with Ishmael from Digable Planets, one of the more underrated hip-hop acts imo

My Pioneers: Santigold's Favourite Albums - The Quietus

In this week's Baker's Dozen, Santigold takes Tara Joshi through 13 favourite albums from Salt-N-Pepa to the Cocteau Twins, Fela Kuti, Nina Simone and Bad Brains, and points out that while Morrissey might have gone wrong, you can't take away what his songs once gave her


The Smiths - The Smiths
The Smiths are one of my favourite bands of all time, I think I discovered them when I was 15, maybe? I was visiting my sister at college, and one of her friends was playing it – I wandered into the room, and sat down until the record was done. I still remember when I bought my first Smiths record, which was this...
Moz and Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols (in case you didn't know). From Jonesy's mildly amusing instagram feed. Some amusing comments as well. Not quite sure where Mr Jones' right hand is.

I think this got overlooked as the video statement is above it.
For those interested:



American singer Santigold wearing Morrissey t-shirt:


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DIM THE LIGHTS - Morrissey Central
October 1, 2018

Charles Aznavour dies. Impossible, but true. We shared May 22nd (birthday, but 2 or 3 years apart.) A few years ago I invited him to sing on my album World peace is none of your business. He listened, but declined - a wise man, indeed !
Music lasts longer than life, and Charles Aznavour is music : now, today, tomorrow and always.

MORRISSEY 1 October 2018


Charles Aznavour, French singing star, dies at 94 - BBC News
French singer and songwriter Charles Aznavour has died at 94 after a career lasting more than 80 years, a spokesman has confirmed.


The star died at one of his homes in the south east...
Eddie Vedder joined Johnny Marr at the Ohana festival 29th Sept to sing There Is A Light.....
Will try and put a video of it on here later.

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Photographing Morrissey: Kevin Cummins on Capturing an Icon.


All images: ©Kevin Cummins.


"Manchester born photographer Kevin Cummins is responsible for some of the most defining images of musicians at work and play ever captured. Immortalising groups and artists such as Joy Division, Manic Street Preachers, David Bowie, Courtney Love and The Smiths, with his pictures allowing fans a unique window to the world of their idols.

His fantastic new book Morrissey: Alone and Palely Loitering, chronicles a ten-year period first photographing The Smiths and after their split their enigmatic young frontman Morrissey, as he transitioned into a solo artist and all-round musical icon. The book features hundreds of previously unseen images, from the beautiful chaos of Moz’s live performances to deeply intimate portrait sessions. Throughout the book, Cummins...