Other People/Bands

Other People/Bands

Justin Timberlake wearing Morrissey t-shirt at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas, 22.09.2018.

Justin Timberlake from iHeartRadio Music Festival 2018: Star Sightings - E! News

The singer posed on the red carpet before his performance on Saturday.


UPDATE Sep. 27:

Posted by Famous when dead:

Central gets a post too:

Which is basically Sam hosting the clip on his YT channel (started off as just a picture and then changed to this):


Confirmed support for the gig:




(Has Morrissey seen their latest video - included above!?).

UPDATE Sep. 23:

Posted by Famous when dead:

September 22, 2018

"Tickets for Morrissey's show at Copley Symphony Hall for November 10 went on sale today. The show is now Sold Out.
Morrissey is delighted to have Starcrawler as special guests for this show."

Link to JPEGMAFIA interview added by an anonymous person (Sep. 12):

I Would Love For Someone Super Racist To Review Me: JPEGMAFIA Interviewed - The Quietus
Ahead of his appearance at Le Guess Who? festival in Utrecht, left-field US rapper JPEGMAFIA talks to Tara Joshi about journalism, Throbbing Gristle and his forthright track, ‘I Cannot Fucking Wait Until Morrissey Dies’


I would 100% read that. I guess Morrissey would be an interesting one? My editor said he nearly wept tears of joy the first time he heard ‘I Cannot Fucking Wait Until Morrissey Dies’.

JM: [Laughs] That’s funny as shit. He’s like the fourth person to tell me that – security guards at this venue one time told me, ‘Man! That motherfucker came through here, man! I hate that motherfucker, man – he made us put all the chicken away! I wanna beat his ass!’ It was funny as fuck. He just comes off like he’s just an unpleasant...
LP AND MORRISSEY. - Morrissey Central
September 11, 2018

"Photographs of LP and Morrissey at the completion of Morrissey’s new album in Los Angeles, September 11th, 2018.Some shots were taken by Jesse Tobias, some were taken by Damon Anacreonte. LP sings with Morrissey on two tracks."

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The Radio Dept call out Morrissey on politically charged single “Going Down Swinging” (listen) - Brooklyn Vegan


The Radio Dept. have shared a new single, “Going Down Swinging.”

...Like usual, The Radio Department sing softly but carry a big stick, and the song contains the following verse:

These church bells
I love what they say
Nazis should be dealt with like in Normandie
Only inbreds join an alt right parade
Someone please tell that to Morrissey

Came across this today when pulling up Bowie’s Boys Keep Swinging. YouTube must have jumped in a “swinging” theme. Decided to give it a listen and discovered Moz reference in the lyrics.

Radio Dept - Going Down Swinging

Church bells are ringing today
God is on the right side for once
We will go down swinging you say
Oh to die at...
Hello lovely forum readers,

I'm Steve, the author of the BowieStyle book. As an aside I was the person who unearthed the charming pic of Moz and Bowie at Maine Road 1990 (following a tip off from Linder Sterling as it happens.), which was used for the first time in BowieStyle.

I'm actually here to tell you I've sort of penned something specifically on The Smiths for the first time. It's on my website stevepafford.com and I do hope you like it. Love on ya.

It Was 40 Years Ago Today: Morrissey Meets Marr at a Patti Smith Show - stevepafford.com