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Other People/Bands

June 28, 2019

…the ten most important recordings

1. New York Dolls - New York Dolls
2. Horses - Patti Smith
3. Chelsea Girl - Nico
4. Ramones - Ramones
5. Raw Power - The Stooges
6. The Velvet Underground & Nico - The Velvet Underground & Nico
7. Kimono My House - Sparks
8. For Your Pleasure - Roxy Music
9. White Light/White Heat - The Velvet Underground
10. Jobriath - Jobriath

Buy these today or drop dead.

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Link from shoplifterromo:

Travis on how they blagged their way into Glastonbury (and nearly ended up giving Morrissey a lift) - NME


“Morrissey was playing, and he requested a blacked out Jeep to take him from where he was to the stage. They didn’t have one, so one of security said ‘Could you go and pick up Morrissey?’ We were like, ‘Alright!’ But then security looked at the car and it was just a mess of mud and champagne bottles.

“They were like, ‘Oh, he’s very, very particular with what he wants’ so we started cleaning up the car and hoovering. We were just about ready to go and they came up and went, ‘Oh no, we found one, it’s fine’.”

Healy continued: “We’d have definitely gone into chauffeur character to see what would happen with that.”

Would they still give Morrissey a lift these days, after...
Nick Cave on Morrissey - The Red Hand Files - Issue #48


Open debate and conversation are the very structure of civilisation, and in Nottingham it was a privilege to be challenged by this very thoughtful young man. However, even though I was unsatisfied by my own response, I still believe that despite how upsetting Morrissey’s views may be to the marginalised and dispossessed members of society, or anyone else for that matter, he still should have the freedom to express his views, just as others should have the freedom to challenge them – even if just to know in what guise their enemy may appear. The charge that defending a person’s right to their opinions somehow aligns one with their views makes no sense at all and strikes at the heart of the problem itself – that of conflating the concept of free speech with bigotry. This is very dangerous territory indeed.

...Perhaps it is better to simply let Morrissey...
Does anyone have the full text of this article just published in Classic Pop magazine?
"Lloyd Cole tells us about his superb new album Guesswork and why he just doesn’t understand Morrissey Official any more in the brand new Classic Pop Magazine. On sale now!"...

Whole article as brief:

"Not one shy to express his own feelings, Bragg said: “I think he’s decided that he wants to betray everything he ever said in The Smiths and he’s broken the hearts of a lot of people.
The Smiths expressed a lot of peoples own sense of disconnect with society and helped them to find their own identity – and he’s totally trashed that. I’m heartbroken for them because I’m a big Smiths fan too. And I’m heartbroken for Johnny Marr because he’s genuine, a lovely guy, and he doesn’t deserve to have his legacy dragged through the dirt.”

In his most recent comments, Morrissey reaffirmed his support for a far-right political party and said more questionable things about race that are not worth repeating here but easy enough to find online if you really want.

Bragg added: “I have no sympathy for him, no respect for him,...
UPDATE July 1:

Paul Banks (Interpol) on touring with Morrissey; clarification on Hot Press quote

Interpol's Paul Banks on the band's formative years as contemporaries of The Strokes and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, their decision to tour with Morrissey, and more.

Interview by Ed Power (20 June, 2019).


Relevant part:

Interpol have received a more mixed response to the announcement that they are to go on the road in the US with Morrissey this autumn. Some corners of the Twittersphere are unhappy that the band are sharing the bill with an artist accused of proselytising unacceptable views.

"It's easy for me not to support Morrissey, as his solo output is garbage," tweeted Chris Marron...
Dave Grohl compares Billie Eilish to Morrissey while discussing her music with Josh Homme - NME


The Foo Fighters frontman revealed he was a fan of the ‘Bad Guy’ pop star earlier this year, after his daughter began listening to her music. “Are you kidding?” Eilish said in response, explaining that she grew up on Grohl’s work.

Appearing on Josh Homme’s Alligator Hour radio show, the musician has now compared Eilish’s fanbase to that of the former Smiths singer – explaining how seeing her live for the first time “felt like you were a part of something that was just about to explode”.

“It’s the connection she has with...

Podcast description:

"Well, somethings in life are worth waiting for & this here is one of those things!
Listen in as the two start from the beginning & we learn just how this legendary guitarist found his way through punk to the metal explosion of the 80’s.
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