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Other People/Bands

Pantera: Perhaps Phil should take the Morrissey survey
This just published regarding Anselmo's regard for Moz's lyrics.

Phil Anselmo: Morrissey is the greatest truth-teller - Metal Hammer
by Christina O'Neill

Former Pantera man Phil Anselmo is inspired by the 'honesty' in Morrissey's lyrics – and discusses how he uses songwriting to expel his own childhood demons
Very sad news coming out of Manchester..... :(

Craig Gill - drummer with Inspiral Carpets and co founder of Manchester Music Tours has sadly passed away aged 44.
Craig ran many MozBus tours when Morrissey was in town and also hundreds of tours throughout the region for fans of The Smiths / Morrissey / Stone Roses / Oasis / Beatles in Manchester and Manchester music in general.

Inspiral Carpets drummer Craig Gill dies aged 44 - Manchester Evening News
The Manchester group has paid tribute to their "brother and beating heart" of the band

RIP Craig - was fantastic knowing you

Jukebox Jury :(
Oasis ‘Supersonic’ director wants to make films about Arctic Monkeys and The Smiths - NME.com
Mat Whitecross discusses future plans in interview with NME


Having reunited the Gallagher brothers to work on Supersonic, Whitecross admitted it would be perhaps even more difficult to get Morrissey and Johnny Marr’s involvement in a potential Smiths documentary.

“I think that might be the fight that kills me,” Whitecross joked. “[But] I’m just reading Johnny Marr’s book at the moment and it sounds like they met up at least once, and no one murdered anyone else so you never know. If they’re up for doing a film then yeah. Anything like that, we know Johnny’s manager’s, he’s a good friend of ours so maybe I’ll try and get on the phone one day and see how it goes.”
Watch: Robbie Williams channels Morrissey in his new video for 'Love My Life' - Entertainment.ie

Is it just us, or is Robbie Williams morphing into a young(er) Morrissey with every passing year?

Lots of Morrissey references.
Described as about a Morrissey-loving schizophrenic.
Jo's book gets the big screen treatment.

Sheridan Smith to star in Jo Brand film - Chortle
Cast of The More You Ignore Me announced


"The cast has been announced for Jo Brand’s first film.

The More You Ignore Me is based on her novel and revolves around a child coping with her mother's schizophrenia.

Sheridan Smith is taking the lead role of Gina, with Ella Hunt as her daughter Alice. Shooting starts in Blackpool today.

Former Two Pints Of Lager star Smith recently finished her West End run in Funny Girl, and will be returning to TV as one of the narrators in Crackanory. She won acclaim in 2014 for her TV portrayal as Cilla Black (pictured)

The cast features many familiar faces, including Sally Phillips, Sheila Hancock, Ricky Tomlinson, Lisa Stansfield, Tom Davies and Brand herself....
"Please please please let me get what I want" cover by belgian TV show participant Aline On The Roof and belgian band Puggy :


Interested to hear Clint Boon relating a story that he once thought for a joke after seeing piles of earth on the moors where workmen had been doing something that him and a few of the Inspiral Carpets would stand on said piles of earth in a crucifixion pose and scare cars going past. He did wonder if the story in Autobiography about something similar happening to Moz was indeed him. Also tells a story when he was asked to interview Moz and due to having other things on (kids and gigs), could not do it, roll on a few years and he is asked to interview Moz but when Moz finds out it is Clint Boon due to interview him, he backs out as Clint had cancelled on him last time.