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Other People/Bands

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King Lear meet Morrissey: Reinterpreting Shakespeare through ‘80s new wave
By: Aaron R. Conklin, Madison Magazine, Jan 23, 2019


Info about the show:


Sean Michael Dargan and his band will play cover of songs by The Smiths and The Cure before performances of “A Serpent’s Tooth: The King Lear Musical” — the same '80s new wave music that inspired the music he composed for the show...

A link to a cover version in Italian posted on Central.


The channel is called 'Francesca G.'
There are several covers in Italian on that channel:

This happened last year, but I only just found out about it. And there doesn't seem to be any mention of it here on Solo...

Related item:
Has there been any discussion of Ryan Adams’ new song, “Manchester?”

It’s reportedly inspired by the Smiths, Joy Divison, et al.

More info: https://consequenceofsound.net/2019/01/ryan-adams-manchester-stream/
From this months record collector magazine.

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Online link and excerpt posted by Surface:


What did you think of Morrissey’s cover of You Say You Don’t Love Me?
Well, it was good that he did it. [Laughs]
I mean, every little helps…

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Tom Hodgkinson: So who would you say were your top bands of the 1980s?

Brett Anderson: Well, The Smiths obviously, I know you don’t need anyone else blathering on about The Smiths, but they were very influential. They were our role models in lots of ways, in the way we went about writing and their attitude. Their non-conformist attitude, but also their pop sensibility. They were not avant-garde.

TH: We all had Smiths posters as students.

BA: Did we, though? I’m not sure – I mean, I totally did – I was a Smiths fan at university in 1985 and I remember feeling like an oddball. The hall of residence I was in wasn’t decked with “Boy with the Thorn in his Side” posters. Me and my mate were the only guys that liked The Smiths. They’re one of those bands that have become bigger since they split up. Part of the...
Found this on the Oasis subreddit. Somehow, it works…

An anonymous person also added:

I like it! This article explains how this was accomplished. Did you know This Charming Man and Live Forever have the same chord structure? Coincidence??

Hoping for a Smiths reunion, but being realistic about it.


Excerpt posted by SuedeMoz:

Random question: Would you rather see a Smiths reunion or a Talking Heads reunion?
Oh, shoot. Shoot. I think a Smiths reunion because the Talking Heads reunited for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Sure, but it was three songs 17 years ago.
Yeah, but you can see what it looked like. That’s something. To me, because the Smiths seems more impossible, that’s why it’s like, “Oh, my God.” People would freak out. Can you imagine the venue they would play? I actually think they could play a football stadiums.

I think they could do 20 nights at Wembley Stadium, minimum.
Yeah! People would freak out!

I think these are beefs that go back decades and often they are tied up in legal issues that really cause insane bitterness....