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Other People/Bands

Sarah Silverman mentions Morrissey in a tweet related to Ryan Adams' abusive behaviour.


Ah, got it. I've had my morning coffee!

Ryan Adams told his ex-wife that 'You're not a real musician, because you don't play an instrument'. Sarah Silverman is referring to the fact that Morrissey and others are singers.

Ryan Adams can wave goodbye to his career.

If you haven't read the NYT article, give it a read https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/13/arts/music/ryan-adams-women-sex.html
February 8, 2019

" … he dies, a part of me dies
… his refusal to accept a Knighthood - that moronic delusion of inclusion - elevates him further in the Arts and humanities.
Albert was Manchester.
Please watch Charlie Bubbles. …
… there must be something I can dream tonight … "

8 February 2019


Morrissey's reaction to today's news.

UPDATE Feb. 9:

Link posted by joe frady:

ALBERT FINNEY DIES - Morrissey Central
February 9, 2019

Can you please stop time?

[​IMG] \

montage by Johnny Morrissey.

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Stand by...another Major Moz influence bites the dust.

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Albert Finney: British actor dies aged 82 - BBC News
Oscar-nominated British actor Albert Finney has died aged 82 after a short illness.


He was a five-time Oscar nominee who began his career at the Royal Shakespeare Company before making his mark in film.

His big film break came as "angry young man" Arthur Seaton in Saturday Night and Sunday Morning.

He went on to star in Tom Jones, as Hercule Poirot in Murder on the Orient Express, Erin Brockovich and Skyfall.

A statement from a family spokesman said: "Albert Finney, aged 82, passed away peacefully after a short illness with those closest to him by his side.

"The family request privacy at this sad time."

I Wanted to Believe in Morrissey (Or His Music, at Least) - Talkhouse
With Low in High School, Moz commits sacrilege against himself.
By Jamie Stewart | December 13, 2017


This review of Morrissey’s Low in High School was very challenging. On alpha-and-omega personal levels, Morrissey is hands-down my favorite lyricist, the one from whom I have learned and stolen the most. Though Morrissey might not approve of the religious association here, to me, he is the Father. The albums he made with the Smiths and His solo records will forever be in my lifelong top 10: The first time I ever had sex in an appropriate way was while listening to Hatful of Hollow. I had a Smiths poster on bedroom wall until I was 32. I have seen Morrissey in concert more than any other artist. My brother, barber, and first boyfriend all have Morrissey tattoos. He is very important to me, and I feel unworthy of...

From the Amazon blurb:
"Lost 80s presents 63 tracks compiled and themed by Gary Crowley disc by disc, from 'Jingly Jangly' indie-pop 7"s to the extended 12" that so much marked the era. Many of these tracks are rare and very hard to find having not appeared on any CDs before. The better known artists appearing here are represented by some of their lesser-known ('lost') tracks. "The 80s (and especially the first part) was an amazing time for music. It was a mad, fast, kaleidoscopic rollercoaster ride where the chancers taking your money not only walked the walk; they backed it up with innovative, amazing tunes that changed the way music was made forever. That's certainly how I remember it..." Gary Crowley Presented in a beautiful 4CD media book, featuring 40 pages of Gary's track by track notes, plus memories of the era from Nick Heyward (Haircut...
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The relevant part of the above link if you don't want NME to get a 'click through':

2: Morrissey’s re-issue of ‘The Last Of The Famous International Playboys’ features an image of Mozza and you backstage at Top Of The Pops.But which artist were you a replacement for?

“David Bowie”


“I was a big Smiths fan through one of my older brothers. ‘Cos they were from Manchester, down the road from us, they made you think ‘It can happen on your own terms, taking no prisoners.’ So that was pretty crazy. But I remember the photograph. Somebody came into my dressing room and said: ‘Morrissey wants to have his photograph with you’. I’m like (Disbelieving )...
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"...much more interesting is the James Q Mag (March 2019) interview where Tim Booth bitches about Moz and gives praise for the Smiths early support.....Not sure why this hasnt been mentioned here yet ....very funny how Morrissey refused to go onUS tour without James and especially the "Calendar" picture anecdote!!!

Excerpt from the interview:

"...But [Tony] Wilson was amazing. He begged us to make an LP for Factory and we really should have. But we were steered away to Sire [The Smiths' American label]. Who were The Big Bad Wolf. Morrissey warned us about Sire. We should have listened."

Morrissey's patronage - inviting James as Smiths tour support, covering Jimone's What’s The World and naming them his "favourite" band in the music press - brought them the deserved spotlight they'd hitherto preciously...
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King Lear meet Morrissey: Reinterpreting Shakespeare through ‘80s new wave
By: Aaron R. Conklin, Madison Magazine, Jan 23, 2019


Info about the show:


Sean Michael Dargan and his band will play cover of songs by The Smiths and The Cure before performances of “A Serpent’s Tooth: The King Lear Musical” — the same '80s new wave music that inspired the music he composed for the show...