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Siobahn says she was obsessed with The Smiths when she left the group

‘People wet their knickers when they find out I was in Bananarama’: the 80s trio return - The Guardian


“It was a combination of the fact that, musically, we’d gone absolutely full-on pop, at a time when I was feeling lost and dark and depressed in my life. I was obsessed with the Smiths, and I just wanted something that would …” Fahey pauses. Even after three decades, it doesn’t seem to be a comfortable topic. “It had been a real pressure cooker, the three of us being together 24/7, for years. It couldn’t continue.”
Seven bands from the 80s we wish would reunite - BBC News
By Emma Saunders

Children of the 1980s, rejoice - the original Bananarama line-up is back together at last. Which got us thinking - lots of 80s bands have reformed over recent years but which ones are we still wishing would reunite?


2. The Smiths

Never gonna happen. Yes, we know. But just imagine! Johnny Marr and Steven Morrissey formed the band in 1982 with bassist Andy Rourke and drummer Mike Joyce.

They went on to release 17 singles and four studio albums, becoming one of the most influential bands of the 1980s.

Hits included This Charming Man, Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now, How Soon is Now?, Big Mouth Strikes Again, Panic and Girlfriend in a Coma.

But the dream combo of Marr's melodies and Morrissey's musings was broken with the band's acrimonious split in 1987.

In Marr's autobiography Set The Boy Free, he revealed that the official...
Smashing Pumpkins Member Reveals Why Morrissey Lost ‘Grandeur’ Of Smiths - Alternative Nation

Mr. Chamberlin (drummer) offers an explanation of sorts...

“We knew how we wanted to make ourselves feel. That’s a great reference point, I think Mike Joyce and the way he played with the Smiths, was just an incredible inspiration to me, just because of the sensitivity and power that he played with, and the grandeur that he played with, that I think Morrissey was never able to capture later. Those early Smiths records were face melting, just in the production. Nirvana was kind of the punk rock version of that.”

The brief article then segues in to a recap of recent live events with no real attempt at cogency.
Not the best of writing.
April 19th, 2017:...
Jack Lowden Tees up 'Tommy's Honour' & Morrissey's Teens - Culture Trip
Meet the actor who’s hurtling into British movie stardom at warp speed, with starring roles in Tommy’s Honour, Dunkirk, and England Is Mine.


CT: You play Morrissey in England Is Mine. Were you a Smiths fan before you took the part?

JL: I listened to other music—I hadn’t listened to a lot of The Smiths. But, of course, when the script came along, I delved right into it, and I’ve not been able to stop listening to The Smiths and Morrissey since. Just like people are addicted to golf, people are addicted to Morrissey, and it was quite amazing to dive into that world. I’m obsessed with him now. We shot it in about five weeks on...
Damon Albarn has 40-45 Gorillaz songs still to be released, plus there’s a TV series in the works - Consequence Of Sound
Albarn also reveals plans for a Chicago Demon Dayz Festival and reveals that Morrissey passed up an opportunity to collaborate on Humanz


Though Humanz is chock full of all-star collaborators, including Grace Jones, Carly Simon, Mavis Staples, Noel Gallagher, and De La Soul, a few others passed up on the opportunity. Among them: Morrissey (lol!), Sade, and Dionne Warwick, “who passed for the second time because the lyrics conflicted with her religious sensibilities,” according to Q.