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A postcard sent from a young Steven Morrissey to his good friend Billy Duffy, likely circa 1978, detailing his time visiting his sister in Denver, Colorado. The postcard depicts a typically acerbic take on life 'The kids in Colorado have not a thought beyond running for presidency' and also more than a hint at his status as the great outsider 'I fear i shall never be in the best society'. The postcard is date stamped, though illegible. Folded to centre, otherwise excellent condition.

Kele Okereke: “I’ve never experienced such widespread public racism” - NME
Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke opens up about Brexit Britain, Brandon Flowers' comments on Morrissey, the artists failing to fight far right rhetoric, and his ambitious new album '2042'


“This idea of a multi-cultural Britain, that there is now somehow resistance towards it, is something that I’ve never experienced in my life [until] now,” he continues. “And it’s not just the politicians and the media. It’s the artists too.” With the exception, he says, of artists like Slowthai, Idles and Billy Bragg who are continually questioning and holding discrimination to account, too many are complicit – many more, he says, are...
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‘We all know our lives have been f**ked by the internet’ - The Irish Times
Torquil Campbell, the frontman of Canadian indie posters Stars, on free speech, The Smiths and the impact of music


...His early heroes were obviously The Smiths, patron saints of glum adolescents from Saskatchewan to Salford. He continues to listen to their records, though with understandable ambivalence given Morrissey’s alleged right-wing views.

“It’s just so depressing,” says Campbell. “I feel bad for Johnny Marr. I feel bad for me – they’re my favourite band of all time. I feel bad for all the people who love The Smiths. I can still listen to Morrissey. I can still on a certain level love it. I don’t think the Smiths will ever stop being my favourite band. But it sure is sad to see someone who came so close to understanding things pull away and insulate...
The Monochrome Set: Interview - Louder Than War

...“There have been so many lies in the press about Morrissey, it’s hard to know what’s true and what’s not.”

It’s well known that both Morrissey and Marr* were greatly influenced by The Monochrome Set, and the conversation has strayed early onto the subject of whether it’s possible to continue to like his music when the man’s utterances and politics had become so unpalatable to so many.

“But yes, I think it is” Bid explains, “Maybe he’s not aware that he’s not the one who wrote those beautiful melodies and haunting lyrics. There’s something inside that takes over. Creativity comes from that primal part of the brain and it cannot be affected by immediate emotions, it’s detached. I think if you’re a writer, deep in the core you know this, it’s like a vocation, its not you.”

...“So yes, maybe he’s not aware he’s not the one who wrote those...
Still a “lifelong fan”. Notes “Morrissey’s political views … he’s gone rushing past me”. Daughter’s favourite song is First of The Gang To Die. Read Johnny Marr’s autobiography.

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From the Elizabeth Turner Instagram story ("Work", Sep. 19, 2019) screen capture from reddit:

As some appear to like the Morrissey / Smiths shirt stories:


Ireland Baldwin shows some skin in a Morrissey crop top as she walks her dog around LA... after roasting dad Alec on Comedy Central


A few images and video of said.

James Franco Supports The Smiths While Out in Los Angeles - Just Jared

James Franco enjoys the sunny weather as he walks to a meeting on Thursday afternoon (September 12) in Los Angeles.

The 41-year-old actor and director looked cool in a The Smiths band T-shirt, sunglasses, and a maroon baseball hat for his afternoon outing.