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Joey Barton GQ interview mentioning Morrissey:

Joey Barton: 'Morrissey is a modern-day Shakespeare' - GQ
Morrissey has just launched his highly anticipated comeback single "Spent The Day In Bed", with Joey Barton making a special cameo. Here, we remember when GQ Style interviewed Barton on Morrissey back in 2012
Sean Hughes: comedian dies aged 51 - The Guardian
Sean Hughes: Comedian, actor and writer dies aged 51 - BBC News
Sean Hughes dead: Irish comedian and Never Mind the Buzzcocks captain dies aged 51 - The Independent

I just heard the news that Irish comedian / actor, also a fellow Morrissey fan, passed away.

Details hasn't been emerged yet, just shocked the sad news.

You can read the transcribed interview in November 1999.

James Murphy Knows He's Not Getting Any Younger - Noisey / VICE

Does how Morrissey has become affect your enjoyment of his music?

I met Morrissey once, you know. I interviewed him for a magazine in 2001. He was exactly as you'd imagine: standoffish, prickly, fussy, but OK really. He was terrifying to me because I'd been such a big fan. I finished his autobiography which is almost unreadable. I didn't understand a lot of the background to him being decried as a racist or a xenophobe. He denies it but also doesn't make that many compelling arguments for you to give him a break on it either. But his relationship with the UK music press feels a bit witch-hunty to me. I just got hatcheted recently by somebody who wilfully took stuff that I said out of context just so that they had a story—and you can smell it on these guys—so I can imagine most journalists being...

One week ago Jupiter Keyes (HEALTH) was wearing (the same?) Morrissey-Shirt too.

Richard sends the scan from Rolling Stone (Oct. 6 2017):
An anonymous person posted (original post):

Well, it looks like Anne Marie Waters considers Morrissey a supporter:

Morrissey backs anti-Islam politician Anne Marie Waters during 6 Music session http://po.st/s5eQV6 via @NME

Related item:

Chloë Sevigny on the Music That Made Her So Cool - Pitchfork


15 - The Smiths: Louder Than Bombs
I first heard the Smiths when I saw Pretty in Pink, and that just became the soundtrack to my life. I didn’t have a car yet, but I was sitting in my friend’s Volvo sedan at the beach and smoking cigarettes and being fake-miserable. That’s where all the weirdo teenagers hung out. They would go down there and skate and smoke weed and drink 40s, and the alternative girls would be there with their black Alice headbands, Docs, and baby doll dresses. It was more of an innocent time.

There was also a club that happened in Greenwich, Connecticut inside a church. Moby DJ’d there, and a lot of industrial boys would hang out there. I always had such crushes on them. It was all about Front 242, and that...