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Robbie Williams: exclusive biography extract says Morrissey considered duet – but only if it ended with a kiss - NME

Williams goes on to recall a quote Morrissey had previously made about him in which he said “everything about Williams is fantastic… apart from the voice and the songs.”

Read the extract in full below:

He’s not sure where the initial idea came from, but he was told that Morrissey wanted to duet if Rob would agree to Morrissey’s two stipulations:

‘We sing one of his songs, which was great, it’s a song called “I Like You”. And at the end he wanted to kiss like Britney and Madonna.’

Perhaps Morrissey imagined that this second request would automatically kill the idea, but of course Rob immediately agreed.

‘I was bang up for that. Kissing Morrissey! That would have been great. Because he’s just got, like, a fiercely brilliant face. You know, watching the...
Includes Strangeways, by Andrew Hall

Michael Jackson, George Michael, Prince and more: readers share their favourite albums turning 30 - The Guardian


The Smiths – Strangeways Here We Come

Both Morrissey and Johnny Marr consider the Smiths’ final LP to be their finest album, which is evidence that artists are rarely the best judges of their own work. Any release that includes something as “will this do?” as the terminal Death at One’s Elbow can’t be considered the finest anything (with Morrissey’s belch at the end of the track providing a...
Fifteen Minutes With Orian Williams, producer of Control, England Is Mine, True To You and fan of The Smiths - Julie Hamill

'I guess it’s strange that I’m working on two films about Morrissey. I’m doing True To You because of Adam. I met him and I was like, ‘Oh my God I really like this guy. What he’s got is really cool. He’s genuine. It’s so far a lovely film that crosses many borders and touches on things Adam didn’t expect to surface when he started the film.’

To this day, Williams finds himself repeatedly inspired by the video for The Smiths’ ‘How Soon Is Now’ which he first watched over and over in Houston’s Numbers nightclub during his late teens. He cites HSIN as a turning point in his life and a constant reference to his style of production: ‘There’s something about that [How Soon Is Now] atmosphere that lingers into everything I...
That time Morrissey said Depeche Mode sucked - NY Post
By Hardeep Phull

August 25, 2017 | 3:15am

In August 1981, a young, buzzy electro-pop band named Depeche Mode rolled into Manchester, England, to play at a small club called Rafters. Spirits were high; the band had just had its first major hit with “New Life” and another smash called “Just Can’t Get Enough” would hit the UK Top 10 before the end of the year.

But one person not buying into the hype was a local writer named Steven Morrissey, then 22. As depicted in the new film “England Is Mine” which opens Friday, before Morrissey became a star as the singer of the Smiths during the mid-’80s, he was getting in his curmudgeon practice by writing letters to the music press, and even penning the occasional review.

In a write-up published in the now defunct weekly Record Mirror, he called...
Art rocker Kristeen Young doesn’t intend to upset people - San Francisco Examiner


She’s also been taken under the wing of producer Tony Visconti (who oversaw “Live!”), Foo Fighters leader Dave Grohl (who helmed her 2014 record “The Knife Shift”), and former Smiths anchor Morrissey, who booked her as his opening act until they had a recent falling out. “We don’t speak now,” she says, sighing. “But I really don’t want to talk about him.”
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"Dick Gregory, America's last hope, dies, aged 84.
He knew how all aspects of the human condition connect to politics.
He was a man of thought and a man of action, when most of us cannot manage to be just one of either. He worked breathlessly - work, words, deeds. He demanded for all what was snatched by the few. He disturbed the White House, and he was too quick for the American print media. They will be pleased that he now ceases to be amongst us ... as we are left with earth-threatening Trump, who will race into war in search of peace."

20 August 2017