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Published on May 21, 2019
Morrissey - Lady Willpower Interview w/ Gary Puckett, Jerry Fuller, Joe Ciccarelli, Jesse Tobias, and Roger Joseph Manning Jr.

Produced & Directed by:
Chelsea Christer
Chris Heinrich


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Link: https://vimeo.com/attachment/review/337403973/e12b858724
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Andy Rourke: The world needs colourful characters like Morrissey - The List
By Bang Showbiz - 9 May, 2019.


Andy Rourke says the world needs "colourful characters" like his old bandmate Morrissey.

The 55-year-old bassist co-founded The Smiths with frontman Morrissey in Manchester in 1982, and he has admitted the music industry would be "boring" without "controversial" people like the 'Everyday Is Like Sunday' singer – who is known for his forthright opinions on topics including politics and animal rights.

Andy also described Morrissey as a "unique individual and a real talent".

Full interview via YouTube:


Andy Black shares his bizarre Morrissey story

By Andrew Trendell

"Andy Black has recalled a bizarre story about Morrissey and his alleged refusal to go on stage with anything of the colours yellow and green."


A brief article with a video to go along with it.
Bowie news today, post an Interview with David Bowie discussing Morrissey leaving the outside tour.



and as I was uncorking the bottle Morrissey walked in. With his trademark swoosh of dark hair he looked like a glamorous Mexican film star. I’d never met him, and I was immediately nervous in his presence, as I’d been a huge fan of the Smiths and his solo albums.

Often when I met my heroes I was stumped. I wanted to be a fan and gush and tell them how much I loved their work. But I also wanted to be cool, and so would pretend to be unfazed by meeting them. I didn’t know what to say to Morrissey, so I offered him champagne. He declined, brusquely asked me to consider producing his next album, and after a polite handshake left.
My Favorite Murder--a "true crime comedy podcast hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark"--recently (April 18th) published a new episode--half of which centered around the abduction and murder of Denise Huber. Denise had been traveling home after attending the June 2nd, 1991 Morrissey concert in Inglewood, California. There's no specific connection to Morrissey and her abduction/murder--just that the Morrissey concert had been why she was out so late.

The Power Rangers Murders

The Murder of Denise Huber
Shoplifterromo writes:

Were the Beastie Boys fans of Morrissey?

In page 391 of the recently released Beastie Boys autobiography, member Adam Horovitz recalls hoping Morrissey could join them on the Lollapalooza tour, even saying it would’ve been "awesome." Sadly, it never happened.


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