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Other People/Bands

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í don't know how strange or unexpected this reference is, given the individuals involved, but í may as well post it here as anywhere.

In the current issue {No.10 ~ Winter 2017} of "The Happy Reader" magazine, 'National Treasure' Jarvis Cocker is the cover star and subject of a 26 page feature interview by 'Poet' Simon Armitage.

About half-way through this epic encounter, Armitage asks if we can ever expect to read 'Jarvis: My Story'. {The answer is yes. kinda.} But as part of the ensuing chat, Armitage asks, 'Did you read Morrissey's autobiography?'

JC: I got sent it. I read the first two or three pages. I found the style grated on me. The present tense thing. I've only really properly met him once, in an airport waiting to fly to Dublin. We recognised each other, and we were in this tiny little space...
The Decemberists on life in Trump’s America, and the trouble with being a Morrissey fan - NME


Meanwhile, we also asked Meloy about his current feelings on Morrissey. For his debut solo outing in 2005, he recorded six covers for the EP ‘Colin Meloy Sings Morrissey’. However, the frontman admitted that his fandom didn’t stretch as far as the former Smiths‘ singer’s recent work – or his string of controversial comments.

“I’m still absolutely invested, in a certain era of his work,” Meloy told NME. “I thought there was a lot of great stuff on the 2004 record ‘You Are The Quarry’. To me that was a return to form because I had...
Ken Dodd, what a career he had, carrying on virtually right to the end. He married his partner of 40 years just 2 days ago.

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Morrissey - 3rd of March, 1984


Obituary: Sir Ken Dodd - BBC News
12 March 2018
His swept-up hair, protruding teeth and expression of lunatic bewilderment made Sir Ken Dodd one of Britain's most recognisable entertainers.
I wish all music magazines/newspapers would archive things for us to reminisce over.
Here is Number One Magazine from 30 years ago today (12, March 1988) which gives a little musical snap shot of the more 'pop' side of things (with an indie lean) 45p!!!
I'd urge anyone interested in music of the 80's to dig through all these issues. The classifieds & adverts are a nostalgia overload :)


35-No-1-12-march-1988 (1).jpg

Full magazine page scans here:

I bought this magazine a few times myself - simply for the Morrissey bits.


Turns out Shane is a very busy guy and has a vast archive of complete Number One Magazine in a digital format. I haven't the time to go through every one as there's so many, but I'm sure Moz features in others:

Noel Gallagher wants to work with Morrissey - The List

Quote from original article:
Noel Gallagher wants to work with Morrissey and Shaun Ryder, NOT Liam - Daily Star

Noel Gallagher has revealed he wants to get in the studio and record songs with fellow Manchester legends Morrissey and Happy Mondays singer Shaun Ryder


The 50-year-old rocker has decided he wants to start sharing his songwriting talents around and has made a wish list of artists he wants to work with and top of his list is The Smiths legend - who is one of his idols and friend.

Noel and Morrissey both hail from Manchester, England, and the former Oasis star is also keen to get in the studio with...
The biggest surprise of the Albert Hall concert was surely X-Factor sensation Olly Murs tweeting from the venue with his parents. A little research reveals he's something of a fan...

The X-Factor star Olly Murs: My six best albums - Express.co.uk
OLLY MURS, 32, was runner-up on The X Factor in 2009 and had a string of No1 singles including Please Don’t Let Me Go and Heart Skips A Beat. His new album 24 HRS is out today and he starts a tour next March.

PUBLISHED: 00:01, Fri, Nov 11, 2016


"MORRISSEY: You Are The Quarry (Decca) My mum and dad are fans and for years I asked them to stop playing him. But when I got to about 17, I was more adventurous and this album blew my mind. At family parties, we play a few Morrissey songs and it brings us together. A great songwriter, a great voice – and I love his quiff."

Link posted by an...
Not too unexpected or strange at all, but there is a brief Moz mention in Music Week from last month’s issue in an interview with Korda Marshall. (It’s behind a paywall, but a great family friend who works in music publishing was kind enough to screenshot it for me!)