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Other Ex-Smiths


"Myself and Salford Lads Club are looking for some help from you guys. The club is using 'Crowdfund' to raise some cash so they can employ a full-time sports coach at the club to work with the kids. Whatever they raise, Comic Relief will double it to achieve their target. At the moment they've raised £5,600.00p and the target they need to reach is £7,900.00p by the 29th of November. I've got over 7k followers so if just half of those donated £1, we would smash it! If you're feeling particularly generous and you donate £30, you get a cool tote bag with the logo from the t shirt I'm sporting in the attached picture. If you want one of the t shirts I'm wearing, then it will set you back £60. This T shirt is a strictly limited run for this campaign. If you order the T shirt, I'll put a little signature on it with thanks. All the info' and where to donate is here:...

Published on Oct 24, 2017

Sustained creativity has always been a true differentiator. The people who regularly break through the status quo—and embolden others to do it, too—become our models for true ingenuity. Mentorship, collaboration, continuous learning, a growth mindset and, most of all, the human spirit are the engines that drive transformation in society, in business, and in the arts. “Creativity in the Digital Age,” a short film by Microsoft featuring music legend Johnny Marr, shines a spotlight on the vision, techniques, and values that fuel continual innovation and inventiveness.
Mike Joyce is running a competition to win a slipmat or bag:

The items have made it in to record shops too (availability unknown):



A general discussion point, but could well go in collector's corner too - looks like there's a quantity of items to collect alongside the box set.
Several IG posts would imply the items will be given away with the set - let's hope so.

(source: Joyce & various Instagrams).
New long interview with Johnny - plenty of interesting Smiths/Morrissey content:

Posted by Ossie:

Interview was recorded in November 2016 to promote Johnny's autobiography.
Stories From the Seat - HOME

Date & Time
Thu 21 Sep 2017, 19.30

BBC’s Mark Radcliffe hosts an evening with drummer Pete Marshall (Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott) and Manchester greats Mike Joyce (The Smiths) and Stephen Morris (Joy Division/New Order) as they play and discuss their individual approaches to drumming and their contributions to some of Manchester’s best-known songs.

Should be enjoyable in a train wreck sort of way...
The Smiths' drummer opens up ahead of Wolverhampton date - Express & Star
By Tom Oakley


Two years on after splitting up, they returned without guitarist Johnny Marr for what would be an unofficial Smiths farewell gig – and Moz’s first solo show.

With Craig Gannon (known as the fifth Smith) filling in on guitar, entry to the night was free to fans wearing a Smiths shirt and only half of those who travelled actually made it inside the venue.

“Me and Morrissey had discussed a concert but decided it shouldn’t be a Smiths one because Johnny wasn't there. So we decided to play his solo stuff and there were Smiths songs we’d never played live before, said Joyce.

“It was a one-off gig and free to get in with a Smiths shirt on but it was chaos. Maybe not on the level of Beatlemania but I found it quite disconcerting. I didn’t really embrace it.

“It was so chaotic...
Hundreds of thousands of people in the North West suffer from tinnitus - ITV News

Mike Joyce appeared at Salford Lads Club on Sunday 23rd July, supporting Inspiral Carpets' 'Tea For Tinnitus'' following drummer Craig Gill's sad death late last year.
Craig - who also ran the Manchester Music Tours - had suffered with tinnitus for 20 years - a condition that Mike has.

Click on the link and there are two news reports from the event, Mike features in the top one.

Jukebox ''Come On City'' Jury :thumb:

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