Other Ex-Smiths

Other Ex-Smiths


Additional information posted by Zoinks in the comments:

Thanks for posting! Most of the interesting stuff comes at the end of part 2. But Mike speaks warmly of the other Smiths throughout.

Some revealing comments about Morrissey. Mike says he still loves Morrissey. He said he was part of the protective ring around him as were the other members of the band, because he seemed so vulnerable - he said his family protects him now.

Mike saw him in a computer shop 2 - 3 years ago, Moz was at the counter with his mother's computer and Mike was behind him, but was pulled away before Moz saw him.

He hopes Morrissey doesn't mean to be racist, that he is being misunderstood. Although I don't know how he thinks endorsing a far right political party could be misunderstood.
Johnny Marr - Lifetime Achievement.

"As one of the founding members of The Smiths, Johnny Marr was responsible for reinventing guitar music for a new generation. And since then, it’s perhaps easier to list the artists he hasn’t collaborated with rather than the ones he has – no joke, there’s an entire Wikipedia page devoted to it, from Bryan Ferry to Paul McCartney, Talking Heads to The Pet Shop Boys."



Johnny Marr vows to never retire as he picks up GQ Award.

"The former Smiths guitarist said it would be a waste of his famous haircut if he were to call it a day in the music industry." ...
Hello lovely forum readers,

I'm Steve, the author of the BowieStyle book. As an aside I was the person who unearthed the charming pic of Moz and Bowie at Maine Road 1990 (following a tip off from Linder Sterling as it happens.), which was used for the first time in BowieStyle.

I'm actually here to tell you I've sort of penned something specifically on The Smiths for the first time. It's on my website stevepafford.com and I do hope you like it. Love on ya.

It Was 40 Years Ago Today: Morrissey Meets Marr at a Patti Smith Show - stevepafford.com
Johnny Marr slams ex-bandmates - The List
Johnny Marr has slammed the former members of The Smiths who planned to tour a classical version of the group's hits this year


Johnny Marr has blasted his former Smiths bandmates over their reunion project.

The iconic group announced earlier this year they were to reunite as Classically Smiths without the guitarist and frontman Morrissey for a series of orchestral shows with occasional guitarist Craig Gannon but axed the gigs after bassist Andy Rourke denied his involvement, prompting drummer Mike Joyce to pull out.

And now Johnny has admitted their proposal felt like being "burgled" by a former acquaintance and slammed his ex-bandmates for "plundering" their legacy.

He told MOJO magazine: "What a farce. That was so obviously about money.

"The legacy was being plundered.

"I wasn't consulted and that tells you all you need to know, I...
‘Bij alles wat ik deed stonden fans en journalisten te luisteren of het wel genoeg op The Smiths leek’ - De Volkskrant

Some interesting comments by Marr on The Smiths split. Please note: these are (amateurish) translations from a (journalists) translation in Dutch.

"The best decision I ever made was running away from The Smiths. I never regretted it, it really was done. Always when somebody calls again: gee, what a shame, I think: dude, you should know. The chemistry between Morrissey and me had worked out. We weren't friends, the only thing that tied us were shared musical preferences. When we could no longer find each other in music, it was done."

"I initially laughed at Morrisseys sarcasm and was touched by his strong anti-macho texts. But after five years of references to Oscar Wilde and sixties films, I was...
David writes:

I've just published the full 5,000-word interview in full - I think there's a lot of good stuff here for Smiths fans... I've also attached an image of the magazine version of the interview.

EXCLUSIVE: Johnny Marr on living in Altrincham during The Smiths, the influences behind his “dramatic” new album – and his jam with Macca - Altrincham Today
By David Prior


JM: Yeah, the first house that my then girlfriend Angie and I bought was on the corner of Marlborough Road. That was the Smiths’ HQ. We lived there from 85.

AT: I knew your old neighbours!

JM: Did you really? Tell them I apologise! I apologise for all the noise coming in between the walls. In my defence, those noises went on to be quite popular songs, that’s...
Pleased to see that Radio X released a full 1hr 25 recording of the In Conversation... with Johnny Marr:

They also posted the specific part where
Johnny talks about the split and subsequent help from other artists:

Worth a watch just for the Smiths tunes (and the story of how Hand In Glove came about).
Thanks to Radio X for the full event.
Recent Johnny Marr media with Smiths / Morrissey mentions: