Other Ex-Smiths

Other Ex-Smiths

Good news for SLC.

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I was at The Lad's Club a couple of weeks ago and I was informed that the proceeds for the sale of the 'Mozzer' t shirt had hit the £10,000 mark...and counting! I just want to thank all of you good folk that bought the T shirt and those involved at the club for raising such a staggering amount of money for such a great cause. Mike x

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Here is the promo video - featuring Andy Rourke and Craig Gannon. You know what -I actually like this!

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Man City fan and former drummer with The Smiths, Mike Joyce, and The Smiths fan and former City legend Paul Lake will be teaming up for a night of Football and Music Stories for an audience at Salford Lads Club next month. Here, Ian Leslie asks Mike Joyce about music, City and a possible autobiography...


Paul's autobiography is a great read; would you consider releasing a book?

You're right, it is a great read. And that's one of the reasons why I wanted to interview Paul. My book? I wasn't so sure a few years ago, but there seems an inevitability now that I'll release something in the future.
Pretty nice interview with Johnny in the Telegraph (Australia, subscription required). I find his interviews a pleasure to read. Looks like a solo album in the works for him next year?

Transcript provided by kissmyshadestoo in the comments.


This year was the 30th anniversary of The Queen is Dead, next year is the 30th anniversary of Strangeways Here We Come. Yet there’s never been anniversary reissues. Is there anything left in the vaults?

There are songs in the vaults, they’ve come out on bootlegs which is a f!@#ed up really. There’s a whole slew of out takes, quite a lot of instrumental tracks that were really decent music in their own right. As a fan, myself, I’m fairly reliable when it comes to quality control. I don’t like when I get a load of crap from my...
An article from pitchfork written by the author of songs that saved your life and mozipedia comparing the two memoirs from morrissey and marr

"Smith vs. Smith: Reading the Morrissey and Marr Memoirs" - Pitchfork
by Simon Goddard

Now that Morrissey and Johnny Marr have both published their memoirs, how do their Smiths stories compare?
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Johnny Marr Is a Fan First and a Musician Second - Esquire
The Smiths cofounder opens up about his new memoir, the music that inspired him, and his relationship with Morrissey.


Well, a lot of people would not have wanted to collaborate with Morrissey. He's an unusual guy, and you were young—young guys are pretty unforgiving. But you didn't see him as odd, or see the things another young person might see and not like about him.

I didn't really care about any of that. I just wanted a singer. We had a really, really strong friendship, right away. Let me put it this way: You don't just manufacture luck. If you're just sitting around fucking talking about it, it won't happen. I did...
Not sure if this news has done the rounds yet but ... in another recent TV interview, Marr talks about the prospect of the Smiths coming back with a Christmas single! (5:35)
I reckon Marr deserves top marks for handling all the questions about the Smiths reforming with humour and diplomacy.