Other Ex-Smiths

Other Ex-Smiths

A somewhat padded-out interview with Messrs Joyce and Gannon about the recent Classically Smiths debacle.

I started something I couldn't finish: the Smiths reunion that wasn't - The Guardian
Three former members of the indie band were due to reunite for a series of gigs that fell apart as soon as they were announced. Mike Joyce and Craig Gannon explain why they tried to make it happen

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Classically Smiths gigs cancelled as Mike Joyce pulls out hours after Andy Rourke denies involvement - Manchester Evening News
Just a day after the Classically Smiths concerts were confirmed, Andy Rourke claimed he was never involved and now drummer Mike Joyce has pulled out

Indeed the plot thickens

Posted by mcrickson shortly after:

Gannon's out, too. Blames Andy.

Statement regarding 'Classically Smiths'.

It's with regret that the Classically Smiths shows will no longer be going ahead.

Five months ago myself, Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke all agreed to be a part of this project as the core three which was why...
The plot thickens. Is Andy in or out? This just posted on Pitchfork

Andy Rourke Denies Involvement in “Classically Smiths” Concerts - Pitchfork
Rep claims promoter fabricated quote from Rourke in press release

The Smiths' Andy Rourke Denies Involvement in Orchestral Concerts - Rolling Stone. Link posted by Famous when dead
"At no time did I give my consent for anyone in connection with this Classically Smiths project to act on my behalf," bassist says

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New promo video for 'The Priest' plus interview, in which the interviewer tries and fails to interest Johnny in Morrissey's politics:“I don’t really care about it very much. I really don’t. It’s just a kind of story for other people. Genuinely, it’s, like, who cares?”

Johnny Marr and Maxine Peake: ‘You can’t avoid homelessness in Manchester. It touched us both’ - The Guardian


Of late, the political gap between him and his former creative partner in the Smiths has become increasingly obvious. Marr says he was “crushed and heartbroken” by the vote for Brexit, whereas Morrissey seemed to rejoice in it. Though Marr has remained firmly on the political left, Morrissey now seems to champion the reactionary right. How does he feel about the fact that they have seemingly ended up at opposite ends of the political...

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Published on Oct 24, 2017

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