New interview for "La Nación", Argentina - December 4th, 2018

Morrissey before his visit to Argentina: "Censorship is stronger than ever"

Link: Morrissey antes de su visita a Argentina: "La censura está más fuerte que nunca"

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In recent years, Morrissey declared himself against massive migrations to Europe, questioned part of the #MeToo (which caused Daniel Grinbank to desist from producing his show in Argentina) and expressed his support to Anne Marie Waters, leader of For Britain, a right-wing party of the United Kingdom designated as anti-Islam. His interview with the German weekly Der Spiegel, published in December of last year, contained so many controversial textbooks that Morrissey decided to suspend the conversations with written media, with which he only speaks by email (in this way this note was made). Probably he did not change, but the context....

Morrissey: Un dandy de camisa abierta - Clarín.com (Argentina)

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You usually compose with others (just as you did during The Smith): how do these creative couples work?

-I do not consider myself a "musician" in a strict sense, so I like the idea of adding to the music with which my collaborator has been working. The vocal melody usually changes the musical direction of the song, that's true. But it's fine and I also know my place in the collaboration.

-If there are cases in which you only write the lyrics, is it the one that comes first or only arises after the melody?

-The lyrics are always in advance, but the "patch" to the music. It is a craft and at the same time requires effort. It's not easy, but I enjoy it. Because, as I once said, the lyrics should be written as if everyone was listening to you ......
Morrissey sobre shows no Brasil: 'será uma explosão emocional' - Virgula

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(Photo: Jim Dyson / Article: Itaici Brunetti).

Of course, Morrissey is one of the most interesting and curious figures in music. Not only for its importance in having written some of the most beautiful songs ahead of the historical The Smiths and later with its consolidated solo career, but because it is controversial. In interviews, he talks about what he thinks without fear of repression, whether it be the press or the fans.

To get an idea of his statements, the singer,...
A publication he's spoken to before.
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Morrissey: "Son días de indignación moral salvajemente superficial" -
El Comercio Perú

By José Tsang, Nov. 23, 2018.

"These are days of savagely superficial moral outrage"

Before his concert in Peru, the former The Smiths answers a questionnaire to refer to "El cóndor pasa", Venezuela, his intoxication in Lima and other issues.

The healthy exercise of thinking differently seems devalued. In music, an illustrious member of that minority club is called Morrissey . The media usually highlight their statements and the 59-year-old British artist defends himself with...
Morrissey was interviewed for Estado de São Paulo and told about a re-issue of WPINOYB and a new album to be recorded in january.

Morrissey, antigo líder do grupo The Smiths, volta a São Paulo com novo álbum - Estadão
Inglês de 59 anos se apresenta com sua banda em São Paulo, dia 2 de dezembro, no Espaço das Américas
Pedro Antunes, O Estado de S.Paulo
31 Outubro 2018 | 06h00

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"More on account of his own language than his heart, Steven Patrick Morrissey has become a subject of another time. Just like a veteran of a war that ended - or was. As a leader and lyricist for The Smiths, a...
Morrissey, entrevistado por Infobae: “David Bowie abandonó el talento y la vocación en 1980” - Infobae (Argentina)

Morrissey, interviewed by Infobae: "David Bowie abandoned talent and vocation in 1980"
Before the start of his tour of the region, the charismatic and talented English musician spoke with Infobae Cultura about his way of composing, his upcoming tour, his rejection of the post-80 Bowie and announced that he will release a new album composed entirely of covers

By Nicolás Pichersky
August 4, 2018
Infobae Cultura interviewed this great artist via email. A Morrissey, as always, to dry. Morrissey, like Wilde, Sinatra, Brando:...
I will preface this article with a couple of caveats: firstly, it has gone through translate and secondly, context and details are lacking. It should be noted that the title is part of one question asked and not the main topic - it is a bit misleading. Only a few questions with lots of commentary/background.

In Culto (part of La Tercera), by Andrés del Real (29th July, 2018):

Morrissey: "Current feminism does not help our societies and makes masculinism retaliate"

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Morrissey: "Current feminism does not help our societies and makes masculinism retaliate"

How does a celebrity adapt to the times? Probably not being Morrissey, who, true to his style and before his return to Chile, shoots against modern feminism, the English press and "the culture of the negation of the left".
Last month, an indeterminate number of English self-styled "former...