A Small Sample of the Evidence.

- David Alice  [email protected]  Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

In January of 1987, The Smiths -- a British band featuring lyricist/singer/album-designer Morrissey -- released the following single exclusively in France:


Today, Morrissey’s lyrics to side ‘A’ read like a dialogue between Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed in which they foretell the circumstances of their death. The first two verses are written from the perspective of a car passenger who is out on a date in the city and desperately wishes to never have to go back to the home from which [she] has become estranged. The chorus can be read as her boyfriends’ reply, in which he muses that their date could end in a car crash that would kill the both of them, but that to die by her side would not only be a ‘heavenly way to die’ (Diana is the name of the Moon Goddess) but would in fact be a ‘privilege’ (the ‘privilege’ of dating a princess). Specific mention is then made of being ‘gripped’ by ‘a strange fear’ in a ‘darkened underpass.’ Dodi and Diana’s fatal crash occurred in an underpass! Turning to side ‘B’ of this single, its first words are ‘Call me morbid, call me pale, I spent six years on your trail.’ This corresponds precisely to the members of the paparazzi who had ‘trailed’ Diana into the underpass and were then accused of being ‘morbid’ for taking photographs of the dying Princess instead of rushing to call for an ambulance.

This was the only Smiths single in the lifetime of the band to be issued solely in France -- the country where Princess Diana died over a decade later.  Fittingly, the 'A' side came from The Smiths album whose title THE QUEEN IS DEAD announces the death of a royal female.

Morrissey named the album THE QUEEN IS DEAD after a chapter in Hubert Selby’s novel, LAST EXIT TO BROOKLYN [BROOKLYN is the largest of the five boroughs that comprise the city of NEW YORK]. This matches the fact that Princess Diana’s fatal crash in an underpass tunnel occurred as she was heading toward its EXIT to the Avenue de NEW YORK.

For the album cover of THE QUEEN IS DEAD, Morrissey, an Englishman, chose a photo of a French actor (Alain Delon) in a French film (L’Insoumis). Correspondingly, Princess Diana died in France. Alain is the first name of the actor on the cover of THE QUEEN IS DEAD. This points to the fact that Alain is the first name of the hospital spokesperson (Dr. Alain Pavie) who made the official announcement to the world that Princess Diana was dead.

THE QUEEN IS DEAD begins with audio from the 1963 film THE L-SHAPED ROOM which is the story of a woman who moves from France to England. This is consistent with Princess Diana’s corpse being moved from France to England. The lead role in THE L-SHAPED ROOM was played by Leslie Caron who was born on July 1st – Princess Diana’s birthday.

Morrissey’s very first verse on THE QUEEN IS DEAD includes the uniquely phrased line "hemmed in like a boar between arches" which provides a precise analogy to the circumstances of Diana’s death. She was pursued like a hunted animal – "like a boar" – until she was "hemmed in" in an underpass by the paparazzi and crashed into the center row of pillars which connect to the underpass ceiling to form a series of "arches". Morrissey’s very next line refers to "Her Very Lowness with her head in a sling." This is in keeping with the fact that the Princess suffered her fatal injury in an underpass – below(!) the ground.

Morrissey’s very last verse on THE QUEEN IS DEAD refers to the specific scene in the 1965 British comedy CARRY ON CLEO in which Anthony and Cleopatra open "a crate of ale." This particular Cleopatra was played by an actress whose pseudonym ‘AMANDA BARRIE’ is a perfect pun for ‘A MAN TO BURY.’ Cleopatra symbolizes Egypt. The fact that THE QUEEN IS DEAD album ends with reference to this particular cinematic portrayal of Cleopatra in a specifically alcohol-related context foretells the fact that Diana’s death would involve the death of an Egyptian man (‘A MAN TO BURY’) and that alcohol would play a critical part. Hence, it points to Dodi Fayed and his drunken chauffeur. This final verse leads back into a chorus in which Morrissey does nothing more than point out that "Some girls are bigger than others" and "Some girl’s mothers are bigger than other girl’s mothers." If "bigger" means more prominent and more famous then this chorus serves as a further portent of Diana’s death by its connecting of the ‘biggest girl’ in the world, [Princess Diana], and the ‘biggest mother’ in the world, [Mother Theresa]. More than a decade after the writing of this song, the ‘biggest mother’ wound up dying on the eve of the funeral of the ‘biggest girl.’

As noted earlier, THE QUEEN IS DEAD began with audio from the 1963 film THE L-SHAPED ROOM. Specifically, it was the sound of a sing-along led by a female character named Mavis. Looking ahead to the final Smiths album, SINGLES, prior to Princess Diana’s death we find that Morrissey chose for its cover actress Diana(!) Dors, who was born Mavis(!) Fluck. She is pictured clutching the pillars of a headboard while staring out somberly from behind them. This is highly symbolic of the fact that Princess Diana’s death was the result of a crash into a row of pillars. This picture of Diana Dors was taken from a film whose title, YIELD TO THE NIGHT, is consistent with the time of Princess Diana’s crash – just minutes after midnight. YIELD TO THE NIGHT was based on the novel by Joan Henry. Its cast included actress Joan Miller who died on August 31st – the date of Princess Diana’s death. This explains why the only actual death ever referred to on THE QUEEN IS DEAD was the death of Joan of Arc – history’s most revered Joan! On this the very last Smiths album before Diana’s death, the final song turns out to be the aforementioned THERE’S A LIGHT THAT NEVER GOES OUT from THE QUEEN IS DEAD. As you recall it had previously appeared as the ‘A’ side of the only Smiths single in the band’s lifetime to be released exclusively to France. Together with its ‘B’ side, it described quite precisely, the circumstances of Diana’s death in France.

Morrissey’s career extended far beyond The Smiths as did his prophesying the death of the Princess. …

Princess Diana died in August of 1997. Earlier that very month Morrissey released an album, MALADJUSTED. The front and back covers of MALADJUSTED were pure silver. Up to the date of Diana’s death, there had been more than 100 different cover pictures issued worldwide for Morrissey/Smiths albums and singles. Only MALADJUSTED is silver. Consider this:

"The alchemists used to make an amalgam of crystallized silver…

It was known as Diana’s Tree … because for the alchemists silver was Diana’s color…"

-THE MOON: Myth, Magic and Fact, Diana Brueton, 1991.

Morrissey’s opening line on MALADJUSTED is "I want to start from before the beginning". In the same song he makes repeated mention of "the Fulham road lights" and characterizes himself as a prostitute – "working girls like me." You will recall that "before the beginning" of THE QUEEN IS DEAD there was audio from THE L-SHAPED ROOM, the film based on the novel by Lynne Reid Banks. In the first chapter of the novel we are given this description of the L-shaped room by its occupant Jane:

"My room was five flights up in one of those gone-to-seed houses in Fulham…There were a couple of prostitutes in the basement…"

"It’s one room in the worst part of Fulham. …two tarts live in the basement."

-THE L-SHAPED ROOM, Lynne Reid Banks

Thus, "I want to start from before the beginning"; "Fulham road"; and "working girls" direct us back to THE QUEEN IS DEAD via THE L-SHAPED ROOM. The significance of this lies in the fact that Morrissey is sending us back over a decade to THE QUEEN IS DEAD in the very month(!) that Princess Diana is going to die.

ALMA MATTERS, the second song on MALADJUSTED, was the last Morrissey single issued before the death of Diana. In this song’s mysterious confessional lyric, he tells us that his seemingly "wrong" life has been chosen for the sake of "someone, somewhere" to whom "Alma matters in mind body and soul." Who is this "someone, somewhere" and who or what is ALMA? Morrissey doesn’t give any clue other than to say that he has "never been surer" about their place in of his life. Later in the very same month as the release of this single, Princess Diana died from injuries sustained in a car crash in the underpass tunnel beneath Le Place de ALMA!

The cover of the single ALMA MATTERS is a photograph of Morrissey leaning on the hood of a car. Up to the date of Diana’s death, there had been more than 100 different cover pictures issued worldwide for Morrissey/Smiths albums and singles. ALMA MATTERS, the last to be issued before Diana’s death – and in the precise month of her death – was the only one to feature, or ever even show, a car. Diana suffered her fatal injuries in a car! In the ALMA tunnel!

The next song on the ALMA MATTERS single was HEIR APPARENT. Ultimately, Diana’s death is traceable to her ill-fated marriage to Prince Charles, the world’s most famous Heir Apparent!

At this point, even though you’ve only seen a small sample of the evidence, it would be entirely rational for you the reader to concede that Morrissey did foretell the death of Princess Diana. This raises many questions, chiefly, ‘Who enabled Morrissey to do this and why?’ I can report that I possess thoroughly-evidenced answers to these particular questions. However, I lack the skills necessary to clearly present the remaining 95% of the data I’ve compiled since discovering the Diana-Morrissey phenomena. Therefore, I am currently accepting offers from writers and publishers interested in collaborating on the immense task of converting my tangled mountain of evidence into a readable format.

"DIANA’S DEATH FORETOLD BY MORRISSEY: A Small Sample of the Evidence" is a copyrighted document that I, David Alice, born March 20, 1962, in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, have authored and distributed to news groups worldwide. Anyone who complies with the following two conditions has my  permission to reprint it anywhere and everywhere:

1.  Reprint it in its entirety, unedited, including my name, email address, and these final instructions.

2.  Notify me when you reprint it.

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David Alice

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

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