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T-Pain plays Morrissey in shot for shot remake of "Stop Me…" video

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T-Pain Plays Morrissey in Classixx’s Remake of the Smiths’ “Stop Me” Video: Watch - Pitchfork
“Whatever I Want” is a shot-for-shot update of the Smiths’ visual

Classixx have shared the video for their Faraway Reach song with T-PainWhatever I Want.” It is a shot-for-shot remake of the Smiths’ 1987 video for “Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before.” It features T-Pain as Morrissey, leading a group of people on bicycles, brooding, rubbing his...

Status Quo singer Francis Rossi on Morrissey (2010)

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This is a few years old now (2010) but I'm not sure that it's been reported here before:

Status Quo-zanger Francis Rossi laat zijn kloten zien - NU
(translation via Google translate)

Francis Rossi was not a fan of The Smiths . "I could not stand Morrissey ," admits Rossi . " But I find him in recent years indeed good."

Rossi doet een boekje over een aantal collega’s. Zo was hij geen fan van The Smiths. “Ik kon Morrissey niet uitstaan”, bekent Rossi. “Maar ik vind hem de laatste jaren wél goed.”

Sinead O'Connor has been found safe; staying with Matt Walker

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An anonymous person posted the links (original post):

Irish singer Sinead O’Connor found safe, Wilmette police say - Chicago Sun Times


Irish singer Sinead O’Connor, missing in the Chicago area since she had not returned from an early Sunday bicycle ride, was found safe Monday, Wilmette Police said.

“She is safe and no longer listed as a missing/endangered person,” according to a statement from the Wilmette Police Department, which earlier Monday said O’Connor was missing and that police were trying to check on her after receiving a phone call from someone worried about her well-being...

...O’Connor, 49, who reportedly has been staying in Wilmette for several weeks, went for a bicycle ride about 6 a.m. Sunday but never returned...

Pete Doherty posts picture at the Salford Lads Club

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An anonymous person sends the tweet by ‏@petedoherty / Twitter:

Post punk Pat Nevin tours Mozzter mansion

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Former Chelsea winger and now BBC wanker Pat Nevin is interviewed in The Hootsman about all sorts and shares an anecdote about a visit to Chateau le Moz;

Interview: Pat Nevin on his tour of Morrissey’s mansion - The Scotsman


...The big Irishman is “a very intelligent guy” but he was the worse for wear when Nevin and his new best Lancashire muso friend Vini Reilly, guitarist with the Durutti Column, were invited to Morrissey’s mansion, so, even though Whiteside was keen to tag along, the pair gave him the slip.

“That was a cool night. Morrissey was ultra-camp and perhaps a little thrown when I came over all gruff Glasgow and demanded: ‘Gie’s a tour.’ We saw the room with all his Oscar Wilde first editions, the room with the baby grand which he’d bought specially for Vini to play, but there was another one which he said was off-limits. Eventually he...

Thomas Lennon and Chris Gethard Talk Morrissey - The Chris Gethard Show

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Mike sends the link:

Thomas Lennon and Chris Gethard Talk Morrissey | The Chris Gethard Show - YouTube

Published on May 4, 2016
Chris Gethard and Thomas Lennon may be the biggest fans of The Smiths in the world... So the two of them got together and talked Morrissey for 45 minutes. 45 whole minutes of Morrissey.

Want more of the weirdest, and often saddest, talk show on television? Visit http://thechrisgethardshow.com

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